Learning About Jesus With Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs are one of my favorite Easter purchases ever. I love finding products that help  kids learn in a way that is     engaging and unique.         
Resurrections Eggs do just that while teaching kids about Jesus. I mentioned these in my Easter shopping guide post, but I wanted to show these a bit more. 
What are Resurrection Eggs?
Resurrection Eggs are 12 plastic Easter eggs in a plastic carton, a booklet and each egg has an item that will help work the story of Jesus' last days and resurrection. The booklet breaks the story into parts for each egg and has prompts/questions for each part. There are also tips for talking about Jesus with children. 
We have had ours for years and everything has held up very well. It is a great addition to any Easter celebration.
The company has updated them, but you can find them here↓
Resurrection Eggs
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(I want to note  that while I did use an affiliate link, this is no way sponsored. I legit ❤ this product so much I wanted to share on my own.)

The eggs contain: a donkey, coins, cup, praying hands, leather whip, crown of thorns, nail cross, die, spear, linen cloth, and stone. The final egg is empty.

Please let me know if you have any unique ways of incorporating these into your Easter.
Or let me know about any other great faith based products you love.
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