On My Book Shelf: She's Come Undone By Wally Lamb

Image result for she's come undone by wally lamb      She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb was an Oprah's Book Club selection way back in 1996. Fortunately, this book is timeless. It's a coming of age tale that is filled with trauma and the struggle of finding your own place in the world.
       I had a difficult time relating to Dolores, the main character, for the first few chapters. Even though I empathized with Dolores, I couldn't relate to her responses to situations. That changed with her first marriage. Something about her relationship and husband felt familiar to me. From that point going forward I felt a little more invested in her character. Prior to that I would sometimes feel like she was making things harder on herself and found myself cringing throughout the book. I wanted her to find her own path and be fulfilled. 
        It is a very well written book. Dolores is a unique character with a somewhat tragic story. It doesn't have a super happy, Hallmark movie ending. Don't worry--you won't be in tears either. It is more about acceptance and finding peace. 
      I listened to the audio book and the narrator was good. (Occasionally I can't listen to audio books because of the voice reading it.) I liked this book enough that the next book on my "shelf" is another Wally Lamb. 

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  1. I'll have to check this out. I love good writing. It really inspires me in my own story telling. Thanks for the recommendation, Brittney!