Happy Friday: November 3rd, 2017

{one} I hope everyone had a  WONDERFUL Halloween! 
We stayed home on Halloween night and opted to Trick-or-Treat the weekend before instead. The girls ate popcorn & candy and watched Goosebumps from their homemade teepee on Halloween night.

{two} Black Friday is coming. 
My favorite day will be here soon. Is everyone ready?

 {three} Christmas Shopping
Anyone limiting toys this year? When I say "limiting" I mean placing a limit on yourself. We all know there is no stopping Grandmas. 
We just have way, way too many and I feel like it's getting a bit chaotic in the house. I also feel like it's just getting to the point where I look at toys and they are all similar to things we already own. Add that Sophia is going to be 10 this next year and she also doesn't play with toys like she did when she was younger.  Heidi will still get some, but I am trying to be very deliberate about what I buy. 

Speaking of chaos and the clutter that causes it....I have been cleaning out all the kids clothes I have been saving.  There is such a large age gap between the girls and Sophia has so many that can be saved  for Heidi that it got crazy.  It felt like giant storage totes were taking over our storage rooms, laundry room and garage. I have been loading stuff up to Goodwill, consignment shops and only saving the best/favorites.
 Feels pretty good to be regaining my laundry room.

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