The Battle of The Summer Bucket Lists

The Summer Bucket List is probably the best of all the bucket lists.I know there are all the pumpkin-spice-fall-loving lists that are pretty good, but summer is just something special. I should fill you in a little. 
I have a summer birthday, disliked school as a kid and really liked 4-H/4th of July/fairs, etc.. Even as an adult those things make summer a revered time of year for me. 
The problem with Summer Bucket lists are that they are often in conflict with reality. Or they create a giant to-do list. This problem isn't limited to just moms, but I do think we fill it a bit more with school age kids  at home. 
Please refer to the evidence below for further explanation.
 And enjoy. 😊

What are you doing to make your summer less stress and more fun ? 

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

I had to end the mom's list on a good note. Doing fifty different summer activities may seem like a good thing, but only do them if they make you happy too. I have had years where I created what felt like a non-stop schedule and some years that were more relaxed. My daughter is turning nine this summer. She has survived and enjoyed both. Relax mommas! Whatever works for your will be good for the kids. 

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  1. Try to get the kids to sleep while the sun is out - so true! What fun lists. I'm pinning. :)


    1. My eight year old just can't wrap her brain around how bright it is at bedtime, but we will survive. Thanks!

  2. Haha so true. The real sign of a summer day out iscthe applying an reapplying of sunscreen! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Oh gosh, that second one! So so true when there are kids involved. I like the idea of a summer bucket list, but you have to be okay with not hitting them all or just doing the easiest items!


  4. LOL I'm not a mom yet but this post had me laughing! I hope you have lots of low-key fun this summer!! :)