Happy Friday 2017 #10

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Hey guys!

This week I am feeling↓
This past week hasn't been the best week ever. My diagnosis of Bell's Palsy the previous week didn't actually prepare me for how painful it would be this week. There also hasn't been any improvement and I am on day 14 since I first had pain behind my ear (Day 12 since diagnosis). I went to the doctor once this week and I am now waiting to be scheduled for an MRI.  I wasn't planning on doing a post specifically about my experience, but since it can happen to anyone, I am working on one just to share with other people who end up with the same experience.

This week this is perfect for me↓
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This Week On Off The Vine↓

This weekend↓
I am looking forward to continuing to resting. Maybe next weekend or at least my next Friday I will be feeling completely different. I am sure I will tackle a few small projects, but I am not making any big plans.

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  1. That mug is everything... maybe I need a shirt that says it too. It's SO true about Momlife!

  2. I just love, love , LOVE that mug! Sorry you are not feeling well.

  3. Hey girl,
    Sending lots of well wishes and good vibes your way. It must be so frustrating....
    A friend of ours we met on a vacation, he had the same thing. Woke up and horribly disfigured... he was in the hospital for about a week or two if I recall and it took awhile but today, he's recovered and resumed his successful career. It was scary though, I can remember and the waiting....

    Hugs! I hope you have a good week hun. xo