Un-Pinterest Worthy Kids Parties I've Thrown That Were Still Fun

Today's post is all about kid birthday parties!
The truth is that kids birthday parties aren't a big thing for me. We have really small family and we just don't have tons of people to invite. So I have mastered the art of keeping it simple. I really enjoy colorful parties with lots of balloons and inexpensive decorations. :)
One day I may go crazy and do a Pinterest worthy party, but so far, these simple parties have worked for us. 

Bowling Party
Kids' birthdaycake
This cake was premade at Walmart. I just added the cake topper I picked up in the birthday decoration section.

Invitations:  I got the cutest invitations made on Etsy and had them printed at Staples with 1 hour printing.They were made for a bowling party. See them here.
Food:  Pizza. It was included with the cost of the party.
Length: 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon
Decor: Walmart and Dollar Tree

Family Pizza Party 
When we lived closer to our extended family, we had a big family dinner at Pizza Hut. They gave us a deal and we got the pizzas for $7.00 (I think. It was cheap. I remember that.) each for ordering in advance. We all ate dinner together and I brought a cake there. All together it was around $80.00 for dinner. I also got balloons. 

Picnic Party
Sophie's other "friend party" was in preschool with 3 little girls and it was picnic themed. For some reason I can't find pictures, so there aren't any to share. Each girl got a little basket with a pb&j, fruit, veggie sticks and pretzels. We did cupcakes instead of cake. I got everything but the food at the Dollar Tree.  The red baskets and bug catching kits were $1.00 a piece. The checkered table cloth and also some jump ropes were also from there. Super cheap birthday party. I think maybe I spent $30. Maybe less. We were at a playground/park shelter.

Heidi's Birthdays
Heidi has only had 2 birthdays, but they are pretty much parties with grandparent's invited. We held her first birthday party on Christmas Eve and then her second was held early December. Her first birthday included some homemade personal decorations in pink and gold, balloons, and a smash cake.
Last year I found this inflatable cake on clearance at Justice. It's kind of silly, but the girls loved it. Heidi got the first use of it this past year at her second birthday.  I bought multiple small cakes so there was a few different cake flavors. Next year I may do something bigger. While I normally don't do theme, I am loving the mermaid and monster themed parties.

That's all I have so far. My mom had a few of Sophie's parties when she was little. We mostly just did cookouts at her house. Sophie's birthday is right at the beginning of summer. The weather is usually pretty good. That's it so far.  If you follow me on Pinterest you see a bowling party board I created and any ones I make in the future. ☺

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  1. Your parties run circles around mine. I don't know why, but I have always stressed the entire concept of party planning. It's just too much pressure. LOL

    Just followed you on Bloglovin. :) #happynowlinkup

  2. Those cakes look delicious!!! Love that topper on the first one.

  3. I find simpler is better anyway-- years later the kids just remember the fun and friends not the themed table decor, food, and other hoopla that goes along with those pinterest parties... that said I have been known to throw a few just because I enjoy getting crafty like that.

  4. Aww. These parties are all to precious!Parties don't have to be designed to the hilt to be perfect. It's all about making sure to celebrate that person in your life. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  5. Such pretty parties! Super simple and low key!