Happy Friday 2017 #7

   Heeeeeyyyy Guys!
 Blogging has taken a back burner to me tackling one of my big goals this year: decluttering! For real, if you read my post about things I did as a new mom, then you know that I held onto EVERYTHING the first time around. This caused me to be super behind on scrapbooking and I really stopped enjoying it. So the stuff was all in tubs in our basement. I tackled about 90% of that this week! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw some of this:

Warm Weather Coming
The weather this weekend is supposed to be really nice and I am kinda, really extra excited about it.
Image result for meme excited about warm weather

Face Masks
Last week I posted about the Target Beauty Box. There was a Masque Bar mask in it. I didn't have high expectations. I find that most masks don't do anything after I take them off. I knew right away it wouldn't peel off like it claimed, but after I wiped it off my skin felt great.  Normally I feel like the Crypt Keeper because my skin is so dry. I picked up a couple more when I was at Target this week.
Valentine's Cards
We printed these cards at home and added pencils from the Dollar General. 
I found the printable at dyi inspired.

Link Ups

This past week I found some new link-ups.You can go to my link up page and check them out. There are a few more Friday ones. It seems to be a really popular day to link up :)

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  1. ahhh cheers to the warmer temps this weekend for sure!!! Happy weekend!

  2. It's so hard for me to declutter. We just moved into a new apartment and I have to purge a lot. That pencil craft is super cute too! Thanks for linking up this week with #fridayfrivolity. Xx