Un-Pinterest Worthy Kids Parties I've Thrown That Were Still Fun

Today's post is all about kid birthday parties!
The truth is that kids birthday parties aren't a big thing for me. We have really small family and we just don't have tons of people to invite. So I have mastered the art of keeping it simple. I really enjoy colorful parties with lots of balloons and inexpensive decorations. :)
One day I may go crazy and do a Pinterest worthy party, but so far, these simple parties have worked for us. 

Bowling Party
Kids' birthdaycake
This cake was premade at Walmart. I just added the cake topper I picked up in the birthday decoration section.

$10 @ Target: February 2017

I linked up @ the $10 @ Target Link-Up.  I think I say this every month, but this is one of my favorite link ups. It justifies my Target trips. Kind of. ☺

When Motherhood is More Gross Than Beautiful

As you can see the title and image text don't match. One says  gross and the other says messy. I thought about using both at the same time, but I felt the title got a little long. Let's be honest, motherhood is gross AND messy.

Happy Friday 2017 #7

   Heeeeeyyyy Guys!
 Blogging has taken a back burner to me tackling one of my big goals this year: decluttering! For real, if you read my post about things I did as a new mom, then you know that I held onto EVERYTHING the first time around. This caused me to be super behind on scrapbooking and I really stopped enjoying it. So the stuff was all in tubs in our basement. I tackled about 90% of that this week! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw some of this:

Warm Weather Coming
The weather this weekend is supposed to be really nice and I am kinda, really extra excited about it.
Image result for meme excited about warm weather

Face Masks
Last week I posted about the Target Beauty Box. There was a Masque Bar mask in it. I didn't have high expectations. I find that most masks don't do anything after I take them off. I knew right away it wouldn't peel off like it claimed, but after I wiped it off my skin felt great.  Normally I feel like the Crypt Keeper because my skin is so dry. I picked up a couple more when I was at Target this week.
Valentine's Cards
We printed these cards at home and added pencils from the Dollar General. 
I found the printable at dyi inspired.

Link Ups

This past week I found some new link-ups.You can go to my link up page and check them out. There are a few more Friday ones. It seems to be a really popular day to link up :)

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Happy Friday 2017 #6

I have to start with a serious topic that I need to get off my chest. The fun stuff follows. 

Target Beauty Box: February 2017

I just want to do a real quick post and share the February 2017 Beauty Box from Target. I haven't gotten the last couple of months, but there were a few things I wanted to try in this one. I also forgot to post the winter Walmart box, but there are plenty of ways to view it online. I liked it, but it wasn't my fave. I felt like it was a lot of lotion.
Let me know what you think about this one or if you get another beauty box you like. 
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Unique Baby Items For Every Mom's Style

This post is sponsored by Baby Cubby, but all opinions about their great selection are my own. 

Whether you are looking for someone else or yourself, Baby Cubby is a great place to do your shopping. They bring all kinds of awesome baby gear to one site. Trendy, hipster,  or classic....they have baby stuff to match every momma style. 

Baby Items You Will Love

// 1. Petunia Pickle Bottom - Galzed Hideaway Hobo Diaper Bag // 2. BabyLit Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick // 3. Happy Baby Wrap // 4. Skip Hop Studio Select Diaper Tote // 5. Ju Ju Be- Be Neat Bib // 6. Little Sapling Toys Pineapple Teeth and Darth Vader Teether // 7. Chewbeads Juniorbeads Jane Jr. Teething Necklace

1. Petunia Pickle Bottom- Hideaway Hobo Diaper Bag- This diaper bag doesn't look like a diaper bag. I love the color and the straps. This diaper bag stands out in a really good way. 

2. BabyLit Books- I put Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick, but there are so many others from which you can choose. Basically you can make a library of board books inspired by the classics. Check them out here at Baby Cubby. 

3. Happy Baby Wrap- This was my go-to wrap  for around the house during the newborn months. 

4. Skip Hop Studio Select Diaper Tote- A black tote matches everything. This classic style has plenty of space, pockets and straps designed to fit across a stroller. 

5. Ju Ju Be-Be Neat Bib- Ok, I would have never thought I would say a $20 dollar bib was a good buy, but this one stands out. This would make a great bib to keep in the diaper bag or car for those time you are out. It's soft, reversable, has a magnetic clasp, and fits into a matching bag. 

6. Little Sapling Toys Teethers- I don't really need to say much. They are wooden, nontoxic teethers, and so stinkin' cute.

7. Chewbeads Juniorbeads Jane Jr. Teeth Necklace- Isn't this necklace adorable? Your little one can still be a little lady while she is drooling all over. I love it. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any of these items. 
Be sure to check out more great baby gear at Baby Cubby

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Happy Friday 2017: #5

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Happy Friday! With Valentine's Day just eleven days away I wanted to share some gift ideas. Have you ever looked at the cards on there? If you haven't, go do it now. The cards on there are the best and I keep thinking I am going to devote a whole post to Etsy cards. It would give some purpose to me spending so much time browsing them. ☺

Valentine's Gifts For Him

Coordinate Keychain // Hot Chocolate Card // Phone Stand //
 Personalized Wallet Insert // Coffee Card // Yoda Mug //
Beer Labels // Bearded Man Card

I got Ryan a coordinate keychain a couple of years ago for our anniversary. He loved it, but within a month the one I picked  fell off the keyring. Obviously I chose not to link to that one. It was twice as much as the one linked here and this one looks much more durable.

Past Valentine's 
I am really looking forward to all the Valentine's post. It's really not a big deal in our house, but I do enjoy seeing all the love-y stuff.
I am going to try to find a few pics of gifts I have gotten Ry in the past to post later. There was one year I embarrassed him when I sent his gift to his work. It was the best!

This Week's Post
I was a slacker and I only did one other post, but it was one I really enjoyed writing.
Click here to read it.

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