Planning in 2017 with The Happy Planner

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I am assuming just about everyone has heard of the Erin Condren Lifeplanner. I think of it as Trapper Keeper meets Lisa Frank, but for grownups. I just aged myself. (Any 90's kids around?) Anyway, Google it if you have somehow missed it. But come back here because I am about to share some bargains.

Last summer I became convinced I had to have one, but just wasn't willing to spend that type of money. Fifty dollars for a planner, even if it is personalized, feels like a bit much. When you add the cost of stickers it just became way, way too much. So I found out about The Happy Planner being more affordable. I ran out and got one. Since then I have been hooked. I know a lot of people are planning and organizing at the beginning of the year, so I wanted to share some these fun finds and deals.

1. Use your 40% of Micheal's coupons. 
That's how I purchased mine. When I am near Michael's I run in and use my coupon to buy some new embellishments. 

2. The deal's awesome. 
Right now (1/18/17) this planner is under $20 on Amazon. Click HERE to check it out. 
It is an 18 month planner that goes until the end of December 2017. When I bought mine I had a few months that were already past and I use those months for other things (blog info, bill stuff, jotting down notes).

3. Start with a value pack.
There are tons of great stickers out there, but grab a value pack to start out. I have the first one (color story value pack) , but the second one is the watercolor value pack. If I buy another it will be that one. 

Color Story Value Pack
Water Color Value Pack

Just look at some of these in the Color Story pack.

I am going to share some of my favorite Youtubers,Etsy shops and my own planner soon.
Let me know if you have any planning stuff on your blog, instagram, etc. so I can check it out.
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  1. Love this planner! I've been really utilizing mine now that I'm back at work and its so nice! Have agreat day! xo

  2. Trapper Keeper kid right here! Lol! I went down the Erin Condeen road a few years back. It's cute and all but not life changing. I do want to check out the happy planner now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes to the Happy Planner! I got one at Hobby Lobby for $18 bucks. This is my 2nd year to use a Happy Planner and I love it. The Hello Life planner is the exact one I bought this year. I love the mint and gold together. What a great idea to use the months that already passed for note taking and blog planning. That would keep everything in one place and make it so much easier. I think I will make a run to Hobby Lobby today to get some more embellishments!