Heidi turned 2!

Heidi turned two a couple of weeks ago. With the holidays I just didn't get around to sitting down and posting.It's so hard to believe that it has really been that long that since I had her. It feels like she was just a tiny baby that I held in my arms during all those late night feedings. She's not though. Heidi has turned into a feisty, active two year old.
She has definitely started showing symptoms of the twos. "Mine" is her favorite word. She gets into everything. EVERYTHING. There may have already been some tantrums.  Her toys are taking over our home. She is also funny and learning so many new things. She is starting to become more independent. She loves Curious George and Barney. She also loves her big sister. She likes to stand at the door and watch her get off the bus. Of course I am really biased, but I think she is really adorable also. 

Dear Heidi,
I love watching you grow and explore new things (even if sometimes your exploring means getting into everything). You have the funniest personality. You have this really funny way of saying "mom" if you don't think I am paying attention to what you want me to see. Normally you want me to see a cartoon or those bears on the Charmin commercials. The way you say it makes it sound like you are so annoyed that I'm not looking. 
You love bananas, mashed potatoes and all pasta. Curious George and Barney are your favorite shows. You like music and dancing. Granny got you a Leapster Epic and you have figured out how to get to the music player. You love starting a new song and dancing. You used to be really scared of people, but the last six months you have gotten so much better. You actually went to the orchard with Granny while mommy went shopping. That was the first time you were away from me for so long. Since then you have had no problems staying with them. I have been a little concerned about your speech, but your are starting to pick up a lot new words. You are definitely more expressive.
I have loved watching you grow from a baby to a little girl. I can't wait to see how much your grow and change this year. I love you lots.

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