Happy Friday 2017: #1

Anyone else excited that the first day of the year was a Sunday? Just feels right. 
Let's talk about resolutions.
I make a super long list of things I want to do or accomplish. I also make some of them deliberately vague. For instance, I want to be healthier in 2017 or I want to be more organized. I learned last year that I do good with shorter goals. This lets me pick things monthly instead of going for the whole 365 days. I also can change things according to what is challenging me that month. 

I created a Pinterest board that I have not creatively name 2017 Resolutions. I have started pinning short term "challenge" bloggers have made that I can complete. There are so many fun challenges. I have a feeling that this board will be filled up in no time. 

This month I am doing:

I am also focusing on
*drinking more water,
*working out 3 times a week
 *oil pulling three times a week. 

If I fail or want to refocus, then I can do it. This method just works for me.

You can follow the board or follow me on Pinterest by clicking above. Let me know if you have done any of the "challenges" or have any you recommend.
Good luck with all your goals this years!

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