5 Things I Did As A New Mom

The other day I was talking about activities I had done with my oldest daughter and what I was doing with my little one. I realized a few things had changed since the early days of kid #1. 
Anyone else relate to these?

1. Rushed to do every activity.
Those activities are cute and a lot of fun, but when you are doing them 6 years later you will think, I've been sitting through this FOREVER.  
With #2 the rush to do everything isn't the same. Sophia started swim at six months, but Heidi is just getting signed up now at two. We have done a toddler "gymnastics" and story time, but they were inexpensive and close to home. 

2. Bought overpriced clothes/shoes. 
Sometimes splurging is worth it, but a lot of times I shop consignment. Otherwise, I look for sales and coupons.  If you browse consignment shops regularly you can find the ones that have to good stuff. Occasionally grabbing something you love is OK, but a new, expensive outfit for every day wear doesn't make sense. 

3. Let other people influence my child's name.
I did not want to name Sophia, well, Sophia. I like the name, but it wasn't my first choice. The problem was that other people didn't love my first choice. I put off officially naming her as a long as I could and caved into naming her a name other people liked. I kept #2's name a secret and she has the name I loved for her. 

4. Saved everything.
I still have a tub of things I am going to scrapbook for Sophia. A napkin from her first birthday is in there. Yea, you read that right. You can't save everything unless you want to be on hoarders. With Heidi things have been a lot better.  I am better at picking what matters. 

5. Not understanding how fast it was going. 
I know life it short and goes fast, but it's hard to realize how quickly. Sometime's I  think it's impossible to see how fast days are going by until they are gone. With Heidi I have a better understanding that this time when the world is kind of small to her is limited. As time goes on you have to share your little ones more and more. Enjoy them while they are little.

I know a lot of parents have a list of things that do different with #2 or wish they knew the first time around. 
What would you add to the list? 

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Happy Friday 2017: #4

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A couple  of weeks ago I posted about how I have been loving The Happy Planner. 
You  can read about that here.
I love looking at all the planner extras there are and I just wanted to share a few more that are on my wish list.  

Aren't these gorgeous? I love the colors and designs. Get them here.  
Monday Coffee, planner sticker kit. 5 sheets included on matte removable sticker paper. Choose from sizes Erin Condren or Happy Planner. Kiss cut, just peel and stick.

I have these and actually use them to decorate my diet & fitness notebook I made on Shutterfly. 
If you don't want spend the money on a planner, check out my Shutterfly notebook here

I love the way these full size sheets look. I also love that they are handmade. Helping out small businesses is always a plus! Find them here
To Do List for the Happy Planner,

I found these after I saw the To Do List sheets. Aren't these adorable? 
Keeping Track Inserts for the Happy Planner, Habit Tracker, 3 Month Supply

These pens actually have good reviews and with there being 70 in the pack at this price I might share with my kids.

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Happy Friday 2017: #3

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I have been really late getting into Instagram, but I am finally starting to like it. For a long time I just thought it was just about sharing photos, but I am loving that it really a way of creating a community. I would love if I had a "community" of fellow bloggers. 
If you use instagram, leave your username in the comments and I will be sure to follow along.

Girl Scout Cookies
It's cookie time! 
Last weekend Sophie sold cookies at a booth and this weekend we are heading to see grandmas/aunts/uncles to deliver cookies and spend the weekend. 

This Week Off The Vine
I shared about a great bargain I got at Target and about how you can save money on The Happy Planner

You know the saying when it rains it pours?
If my life right now was made into a movie that saying would be the title. I feel like so many things need done or fixed or they are just fall apart. I don't feel like I can get ahead of it all. It's overwhelming.

Favorite Meme Of The Week
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Have a great weekend!

Planning in 2017 with The Happy Planner

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I am assuming just about everyone has heard of the Erin Condren Lifeplanner. I think of it as Trapper Keeper meets Lisa Frank, but for grownups. I just aged myself. (Any 90's kids around?) Anyway, Google it if you have somehow missed it. But come back here because I am about to share some bargains.

Last summer I became convinced I had to have one, but just wasn't willing to spend that type of money. Fifty dollars for a planner, even if it is personalized, feels like a bit much. When you add the cost of stickers it just became way, way too much. So I found out about The Happy Planner being more affordable. I ran out and got one. Since then I have been hooked. I know a lot of people are planning and organizing at the beginning of the year, so I wanted to share some these fun finds and deals.

1. Use your 40% of Micheal's coupons. 
That's how I purchased mine. When I am near Michael's I run in and use my coupon to buy some new embellishments. 

2. The deal below.....it's awesome. 
Right now (1/18/17) this planner is under $20 on Amazon. Click HERE to check it out. 
It is an 18 month planner that goes until the end of December 2017. When I bought mine I had a few months that were already past and I use those months for other things (blog info, bill stuff, jotting down notes).

3. Start with a value pack.
There are tons of great stickers out there, but grab a value pack to start out. I have the first one (color story value pack) , but the second one is the watercolor value pack. If I buy another it will be that one. 

Color Story Value Pack
Water Color Value Pack

Just look at some of these in the Color Story pack.

I am going to share some of my favorite Youtubers,Etsy shops and my own planner soon.
Let me know if you have any planning stuff on your blog, instagram, etc. so I can check it out.
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$10 @ Target- January

 Did any of you make it to the after Christmas sale at Target? If you missed it, my condolences. So. Much. Good. Stuff. I made a couple of trips and picked up a lot of goodies. 
During the last trip I decided it was time to slow down before Ryan hid my wallet.  Plus, I am starting to have a lot of Christmas decorations. I decided to attempt to stay close to $10. I failed, but I was somewhat close. 

(Sorry about the photo quality)

Wreaths are a weakness of mine. I love buying them and I love making them. My house has plenty of exterior doors for me to put them on and I even hang them inside. I couldn't pass this one up. It was a bargain. Check out the price tag...

I misplaced my receipt, but it came to around $14.50. Look at that original price! Yep, it says, $44.99.
I couldn't pass it up.   For the sake of honesty, I should let you know I went back and got another. The red is very deep and I have ever intention of these being out all year.
The only downside was that when I got home I read the back and it says they should be indoor or covered due to fading. So, they won't work on my basement doors like I wanted,  but I have one on a back door that has a storm door and the other will be in the house. 

I ❤ Target. 
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2017 New Year Resolutions

I wrote a post last Friday about my how I am making VERY broad goals this year. You can read about that here

My big goals are to be more active, make healthier choices, declutter, manage money better and read more of the Bible
I also have a list of things I want to do this year. 

If you read the post from last week, I mentioned making shorter goals. So far, those are going pretty good.  I am still doing the Blogilates Butt Lift Challenge and kettle bell workout. I am not doing so well with the declutter challenge, but any progress is good. 

If you want to check those out, I have the links to those challenges here. You can also still follow me on Pinterest or just follow my 2017 Resolution Board. 

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Happy Friday 2017: #1

Anyone else excited that the first day of the year was a Sunday? Just feels right. 
Let's talk about resolutions.
I make a super long list of things I want to do or accomplish. I also make some of them deliberately vague. For instance, I want to be healthier in 2017 or I want to be more organized. I learned last year that I do good with shorter goals. This lets me pick things monthly instead of going for the whole 365 days. I also can change things according to what is challenging me that month. 

I created a Pinterest board that I have not creatively name 2017 Resolutions. I have started pinning short term "challenge" bloggers have made that I can complete. There are so many fun challenges. I have a feeling that this board will be filled up in no time. 

This month I am doing:

I am also focusing on
*drinking more water,
*working out 3 times a week
 *oil pulling three times a week. 

If I fail or want to refocus, then I can do it. This method just works for me.

You can follow the board or follow me on Pinterest by clicking above. Let me know if you have done any of the "challenges" or have any you recommend.
Good luck with all your goals this years!

Heidi turned 2!

Heidi turned two a couple of weeks ago. With the holidays I just didn't get around to sitting down and posting.It's so hard to believe that it has really been that long that since I had her. It feels like she was just a tiny baby that I held in my arms during all those late night feedings. She's not though. Heidi has turned into a feisty, active two year old.
She has definitely started showing symptoms of the twos. "Mine" is her favorite word. She gets into everything. EVERYTHING. There may have already been some tantrums.  Her toys are taking over our home. She is also funny and learning so many new things. She is starting to become more independent. She loves Curious George and Barney. She also loves her big sister. She likes to stand at the door and watch her get off the bus. Of course I am really biased, but I think she is really adorable also. 

Dear Heidi,
I love watching you grow and explore new things (even if sometimes your exploring means getting into everything). You have the funniest personality. You have this really funny way of saying "mom" if you don't think I am paying attention to what you want me to see. Normally you want me to see a cartoon or those bears on the Charmin commercials. The way you say it makes it sound like you are so annoyed that I'm not looking. 
You love bananas, mashed potatoes and all pasta. Curious George and Barney are your favorite shows. You like music and dancing. Granny got you a Leapster Epic and you have figured out how to get to the music player. You love starting a new song and dancing. You used to be really scared of people, but the last six months you have gotten so much better. You actually went to the orchard with Granny while mommy went shopping. That was the first time you were away from me for so long. Since then you have had no problems staying with them. I have been a little concerned about your speech, but your are starting to pick up a lot new words. You are definitely more expressive.
I have loved watching you grow from a baby to a little girl. I can't wait to see how much your grow and change this year. I love you lots.