Why I Love Black Friday (And You Should Too)

Black Friday sometimes get a bad rap. I can understand how some people's bad behavior begins to be what the day is known for, but you shouldn't let a few bad apples ruin the whole barrel. Regardless of if you head out shopping or stay home, Black Friday could be one of the best days of the year if you let it. Let me explain.

1. Wouldn't it stink to just have Thursday off and go back to school/work on Friday? 
Think about it. It's a day off just for leisure and travel. No other holiday gets a follow up day just for rest, enjoyment and travel. 

2. There are great sales. 
No need to add more. 

3. It's a no pressure day.
Too many it's not really a holiday and it definitely doesn't have many of the typical holiday trappings. No need to worry about cooking big meals, decorating for Black Friday, buying gifts for it, etc.. It's a holiday with out the "holiday". 

4. Leftovers
Overcook like crazy on Thursday and reap the benefits on Friday. Don't they taste better anyway?

5. Endless Potential <---The big one. 
This is the most important part. It's your day. You can go shopping. You can stay home. You can sleep. Watch tv. Decorate for Christmas. Spend time with family. Eat leftovers.  Catch up on work. Clean your house. Make crafts. Read a book. Enjoy a hobby. Have a party. Go hiking. Anything. 

Those are the reasons that I say that Black Friday is my favorite holiday. I also think it could be your favorite day too. You just have to let it into your heart. :)

Just get out there (or don't) and enjoy it. 
Have a great Black Friday!

A big heartfelt thanks to those who will be out in the workforce (retail, police, food services, EMT, doctors, etc.) on Black Friday. You put the "fun" in functional and keep everyone safe. Thanks!


  1. I avoid crowds and stores like crazy and use black Friday to decorate the house. However, for many people this is not a holiday at all. All those store workers DO have to work and deal with cranky, crazy customers. I am thankful that I am not one of them and can enjoy a nice and peaceful day with our leftover casserole; I don't even have to cook!

    1. Yea, the cranky & rude people ruin it for everyone. I know people that work in some of the busier stores on Black Friday and most of the time they come back with some good stories and have a good sense of humor about it. Have fun decorating!

  2. I worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years and normally worked these holidays =( So my brain is hardwired to hide and lay low (to reset and regroup from a busy busy shift). Haha...now, being a stay at home mama and wife, I think maybe I should give Black Friday a try. Maybe. Haha..Does Cyber Monday count? I don't even have to dress up for that and can drink my coffee without being bumped. Love your list tho! #happynowlinkup

  3. Great post! I do feel bad for all the workers - and I wish more people were patient and respectful if they are going to go out and buy things on Black Friday. However, I do like the day! Great sales for sure and it's just fun to hang out without the stress.


  4. Haha! My husband loves Black Friday and so in a way it kind of is a holiday for me. He hits all the stores and I get to reap from his shopping expos :) Thanks for sharing this at the #happynowlinkup

  5. We were all so tired from Thanksgiving this year that we hardly did anything. Hope you're having a great black Friday!