Thursday Confessional : Nov. 3, 2016

This is my first time doing a confessions post. I have ready plenty of them, but never taken the plunge myself. This week is perfect though because I have some things I just need to say. :)

I confess...

/that I ordered the Samsung S7 to replace my Note 7 and I kind of hate it. I feel like I am being forced to downgrade my phone over a few faulty phones. I also feel like the Note 7 spoiled me a little. I really just want to keep using the Note. Anyone else? I really want someone to tell me it's ok to keep using.

/that I am glad Halloween is over.

/that I need a Washer/Dryer Fairy that magically replaces old washers and dryers with new ones. I feel like picking a new set is stressful and until I do I keep having to go to the laundry mat.

/ that I have so many house projects that I want to do it is overwhelming.

/that I don't have a big sweet tooth, but Halloween candy is ruining any diet plans I have.

/that I am starting to do last minute deep cleaning/sorting before I pull out the holiday decor. It makes me realize Ry and I live with too gross little people :)

/that I am really scared of how the siding I picked is going to look on our walk-out basement. I originally picked a polymer stone, but decided to go with a wood paneling that can be painted. I wanted the stone look for the longest time, but thought the wood paneling might be a good way to try different colors over the next few years. It's less expensive and won't be a big deal to replace in a a couple years. I shouldn't be making choices like this.

I think I might just have to make confessional post a regular. Not only is it easy, it feels nice. 
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  1. I feel you on the renovation projects and things around the house. I hope things like good and you like them! I live with two little gross people too! I don't know much about the phones, but I hope you like yours after using it for awhile. If not, will a new one come out soon? Thanks for linking up!