5 on Friday: 11.18.2016

Yes. That is correct. This is the last Friday until Black Friday.  I mention it alot, but in case you missed it: Black Friday is my favorite holiday

And if that didn't make it already one of the best days of the year, there is this: 

Image result for gilmore girls return meme

I am trying to do outside stuff today because we are supposed to get some snow on Saturday. 
This week I painted siding (we got new siding!), garage door frames and regular door frames. I'm hurrying to hang some of the lengthier Christmas lights. Any one feel a bit panicked when snow is in the forecast?
Plus, I am kind of the person on the left in the meme below.  So I am excited to see our house decorated. 

So, I am going to leave my 5 on Friday a bit short to go start my to do list. 
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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