Why I Love Black Friday (And You Should Too)

Black Friday sometimes get a bad rap. I can understand how some people's bad behavior begins to be what the day is known for, but you shouldn't let a few bad apples ruin the whole barrel. Regardless of if you head out shopping or stay home, Black Friday could be one of the best days of the year if you let it. Let me explain.

1. Wouldn't it stink to just have Thursday off and go back to school/work on Friday? 
Think about it. It's a day off just for leisure and travel. No other holiday gets a follow up day just for rest, enjoyment and travel. 

2. There are great sales. 
No need to add more. 

3. It's a no pressure day.
Too many it's not really a holiday and it definitely doesn't have many of the typical holiday trappings. No need to worry about cooking big meals, decorating for Black Friday, buying gifts for it, etc.. It's a holiday with out the "holiday". 

4. Leftovers
Overcook like crazy on Thursday and reap the benefits on Friday. Don't they taste better anyway?

5. Endless Potential <---The big one. 
This is the most important part. It's your day. You can go shopping. You can stay home. You can sleep. Watch tv. Decorate for Christmas. Spend time with family. Eat leftovers.  Catch up on work. Clean your house. Make crafts. Read a book. Enjoy a hobby. Have a party. Go hiking. Anything. 

Those are the reasons that I say that Black Friday is my favorite holiday. I also think it could be your favorite day too. You just have to let it into your heart. :)

Just get out there (or don't) and enjoy it. 
Have a great Black Friday!

A big heartfelt thanks to those who will be out in the workforce (retail, police, food services, EMT, doctors, etc.) on Black Friday. You put the "fun" in functional and keep everyone safe. Thanks!

5 on Friday: 11.18.2016

Yes. That is correct. This is the last Friday until Black Friday.  I mention it alot, but in case you missed it: Black Friday is my favorite holiday

And if that didn't make it already one of the best days of the year, there is this: 

Image result for gilmore girls return meme

I am trying to do outside stuff today because we are supposed to get some snow on Saturday. 
This week I painted siding (we got new siding!), garage door frames and regular door frames. I'm hurrying to hang some of the lengthier Christmas lights. Any one feel a bit panicked when snow is in the forecast?
Plus, I am kind of the person on the left in the meme below.  So I am excited to see our house decorated. 

So, I am going to leave my 5 on Friday a bit short to go start my to do list. 
I hope you all have a great weekend!

My Favorite Cookies: Glazed Pumpkin Cookies

I first posted the recipe for my favorite cookie, Glazed Pumpkin Cookies, several years ago. I love these things! They stand out from other cookies because of how they are soft and bread-like. The icing (more of a glaze really) is a must because the cookies get a lot of the sweetness from it. The pumpkin makes them seem like a Fall cookie, but I have been known to make them year round! 
I didn't want to repost the recipe, so you can follow the link to the original. 
Click HERE to get the recipe, bake them and enjoy!

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Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got A Life (Book Review)

Title: Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting & Got A Life
Author: Kelsey Miller
Year: 2016

I want to start by saying this is not a sad story. Or a triumphant story that tells of how life became perfect as the end. I think diet/beauty/self-esteem related books frequently go one of those ways. What is this book? This is one of those books that makes you nod your head while you are reading it because you know what she talking about. At least for me it was that kind of book. I definitely recommend reading this one.

Kelsey writes about her insecurities and attempts at weight loss from youth to adulthood in a way that makes you want to keep reading.(Good thing too. She is writer for Refinery29.) If you are a life long dieter, have tried some weird weight loss program, or enjoy a good memoir, you should give this book a chance.

5 On Friday: Laundry Edition

    It's coming!!!

This week I told you about 
Christmas Gifts For Coffee Lovers

So, I need some help....
We are buying a new washer and dryer.
I can't decide between a front or top loader. Or a brand. Or anything.  Any advice would be great. 
I have to say I lean towards a top loader. This will be in our basements, so it's a little more damp and I keep hearing about mold issues. Plus, top loaders are in my comfort zone.

                LG® 4.9 cu ft Top-Load Washer and LG® 7.3 cu ft Electric Dryer


When you see these in person, they are so small! Then you look in the drum and it holds sooooo much laundry. I kept going back and lifting the lid. I am tempted just because of how compact it looks, but holds so much.  And the pair is UNDER what we want to spend. 

Electrolux Perfect Steam Washer
The Electrolux Perfect Steam Washer is higher than we want to spend, but I soooo want to splurge on it. I keep reminding myself that I shouldn't buy it because of how it looks. I also am not sure about a front loader in our basement. 

LG® 4.5 cu ft Front-Load Steam Washer   and   LG® 7.4 cu ft Electric Steam Dryer


Sorry the images aren't the same, but I think you get the idea.  I read some great reviews about this model and its on sale right now.

I had a Whirlpool Cabrio top loader before I moved here and loved it. I thought about going with that again, but since I have the opportunity to go with someone new I figured I would take it.
I just don't know. Any advice would be great.

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Thursday Confessional : Nov. 3, 2016

This is my first time doing a confessions post. I have ready plenty of them, but never taken the plunge myself. This week is perfect though because I have some things I just need to say. :)

I confess...

/that I ordered the Samsung S7 to replace my Note 7 and I kind of hate it. I feel like I am being forced to downgrade my phone over a few faulty phones. I also feel like the Note 7 spoiled me a little. I really just want to keep using the Note. Anyone else? I really want someone to tell me it's ok to keep using.

/that I am glad Halloween is over.

/that I need a Washer/Dryer Fairy that magically replaces old washers and dryers with new ones. I feel like picking a new set is stressful and until I do I keep having to go to the laundry mat.

/ that I have so many house projects that I want to do it is overwhelming.

/that I don't have a big sweet tooth, but Halloween candy is ruining any diet plans I have.

/that I am starting to do last minute deep cleaning/sorting before I pull out the holiday decor. It makes me realize Ry and I live with too gross little people :)

/that I am really scared of how the siding I picked is going to look on our walk-out basement. I originally picked a polymer stone, but decided to go with a wood paneling that can be painted. I wanted the stone look for the longest time, but thought the wood paneling might be a good way to try different colors over the next few years. It's less expensive and won't be a big deal to replace in a a couple years. I shouldn't be making choices like this.

I think I might just have to make confessional post a regular. Not only is it easy, it feels nice. 
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Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

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I have a couple coffee lovers that I have to do Christmas shopping for this year.  I have been hunting for coffee themed gifts to give or maybe put together in a coffee themed basket. If you are looking for some coffee themed gifts for someone (or yourself), here are some of my favorite gifts you can find under $20...

Find it here:
                       Women's Funny T-Shirt, Stressed Blessed & Coffee Obsessed Medium Asphalt

Find it here:
Ummm, if you are the coffee lover, how cute would this print be as a gift? Get it here.


This French Press  has great reviews and it's priced well.  I'm not a huge coffee fan, so I had to look into this a bit more. There are people that seem to LOVE the French Press.  I found a guide to using brewing with a French Press on the Craft Coffee site. 

Got a coffee lover AND Harry Potter lover? This Hedwig mug is kind of awesome. 

I love this pretty coffee mug! Drinking out of this would make my morning. 

I seriously could waste a day online reading funny coffee mugs. I had to stop myself.  Do you guys have any gift ideas for coffee lovers? A favorite coffee mug? Leave a link in the comments!

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Happy Shopping!
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