Happy Halloween & Weekend Recap

We already started our trick-or-treating this past Friday. A town nearby had a "Downtown Spooktacular". It was the first year Heidi understood what we were doing (kinda).  They not only got candy, but also popcorn, doughnut holes and cider.  When Heidi got the popcorn it was almost all over. She LOVES popcorn and she wasn't about to let go of the popcorn bag to trick-or-treat.

Saturday I dragged the girls all over looking for some last minute things for our Christmas photos that were supposed to happen on Sunday.  They ended up being canceled because of the rain. We ended up back home by early afternoon. The weather was so nice that Sophie spent most of the rest of the day riding her 4-wheeler. 

Sunday ended up being just being chilly and rainy. That morning was nice though. I got up early to walk. While I was out I grabbed the paper and treats for the girls. 

After that we spent most of the day doing stuff around the house. Unfortunately the stuff we did left the house in chaos and I am going to spend today cleaning up from it. 

Today I have to go to the grocery and the laundry mat (our washer and dryers quit on us). Clean. Clean. And clean some more. Then we are going trick-or-treating around town. 

I hope you have a great Halloween!
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Five On Friday: 10.28.2016

Have I ever told you about how much I love Black Friday? I doubt I have mentioned it this year. Anyway, here it goes:  I love Black Friday. It's my favorite day of the year. Follow my blog if you want to read my defense of Black Friday and all the reasons its awesome besides just the shopping. 

I have been pretty into the Target and Walmart Baby/Beauty Boxes. This week I posted the Target Baby Box and I loved it. Check that out here

Image result for matthew mcconaughey for president
I don't want to make light of politics right now, BUT I can't help it. 

I am slowly adding to a list of link-ups I have participated in on the main menu. If you have a link-up or participate in one that I can join or add to the list, let me know. I love using them as a way to connect with other bloggers and share my posts. So let me know! 

Have a wonderful Halloween Weekend!
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Target Baby Box

(Is it ok to call it an unboxing if it's not a vlog?)
I have been a little crazy with the Walmart and Target Beauty & Baby Boxes. It's like an inexpensive birthday treat to myself and I love trying new products. Walmart's Beauty Box beat out the Target Beauty Boxes in my opinion, but Target rules the Baby Box. I believe it was $7.00 and doesn't require subscribing. It has a lot of lotions, but the samples sizes for some of them are generous. Plus, it had Burt Bee's makeup wipes. That's a win.
I just want to share what these boxes so that you can check out the goodies before you buy. 
You also get a coupon for $10 off $50 purchase on baby items like formula, toiletries, and diapers.
Let me know what subscription boxes you love and what you thought of this one. 
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Five on Friday: October 21, 2016

This week 

how much I love the Fall Walmart Beauty Box,

Throw Back to A Throw Back: Favorite Pumpkin Cookies
I posted my favorite pumpkin cookie recipe back in to 2013 and not a thing has changed. It is still my favorite pumpkin recipe. You should definitely go make them. Now.

 Pumpkin Crafts
 We have some pumpkin projects we did this past weekend.  Both the cat jar project and the cat pumpkin kit came from the Target Dollar Spot. We also went to the orchard and carved pumpkins. I will share those next week. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 
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Better Late Than Never: The Astronaut Wives Club

Title: Astronaut Wives Club
Author: Lisa Kopppel
Year: 2013
I completely missed out on this book and show when they were both having their big moments. It's not really surprising. I seem to never read books until after they have a been out awhile. This was an audio book for me (again, not so surprising). Before I go any further, the woman that narrated the audio book occasionally attempted a weird southern accent. Aside from that it wasn't too bad. She definitely wasn't the worst I have ever heard. 

Now I will move onto the book. Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air. It stands out from anything else I have read in a long time.  I loved finding out about how the first astronaut wives lived. I never had any idea that the astronauts were so revered and were treated like celebrities. It also documents the hardships and stresses they dealt with individually and as a family. My only complaint was that towards the end, as new astronauts and wives got added, I began to get confused. Some of the people shared first names and I began mixing them. If I had read it as opposed to listening it might have not been a problem. I actually liked it enough that someday I may give it another read. 

If you got to read the book or watch the show, let me know what you thought.
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Walmart Beauty Box- Fall 2016

I am getting this out a little late, but here it goes. I wasn't so sure about the Walmart Beauty Box after getting the Walmart Baby Box, but this box totally surprised me. I wish I could get one of these monthly, but it is only a a quarterly box.  :(

Ok, so here what you will see opening the Fall beauty box:

Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to take care of yourself. Whether it’s work, family, money or time, it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner. Having a few simple ways to treat yourself to something good can keep you from having a meltdown.

Take a bath or a really good shower.
It's a classic go-to when it comes to doing something nice for yourself and there’s a reason for it. It's amazing how nice being clean with freshly shaved legs can feel.  Pick up a good smelling candle, bubble bath or body wash to make it feel even better.

Give yourself a manicure/pedicure.                                                                                                  
 Seeing pretty fingernails and toenails can be a fun little pick-me-up. You don't need to spend much money or time if you do it yourself.      
Drink something good.
Wine, tea, cucumbers or lemon in ice water, specialty coffee or hot chocolate...it's surprising how good it is to have something extra good to drink.  (I love Starbucks Vanilla Creme Brulee Hot Chocolate mix. It's the “mommy only" hot chocolate in our house. Anyone else have "mommy only" drink like that?)

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be a "treat yourself", but exercise can be a mood changer. Getting outside for a walk or run can be a stress-reliever. It can also feel very indulgent to regularly take the time to yourself if you’re a mother or care-taker. You are worth it. Go do it.

Subscription Boxes
There are so many to choose from and plenty of inexpensive options. Ipsy is one of the most popular and only $10.00 a month. It's a little surprise to look forward to monthly. 

Savor something delicious after everyone has gone to bed.
Eating without feeling rushed to clean or like you need to take care of the kids is something I will never take for granted. Whether it's leftovers from your favorite dinner or slice of your favorite cake, it's always nice to have a peaceful moment and eat something delicious. 

Do you have something simple you do that feels like a big treat after a stressful day?
Let me know!