Tips For Packing Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag when your pregnant is exciting. Due to unexpected health issues I didn't have a bag packed with baby #1. I stayed in the hospital for a week and had so much stuff brought to me it was overwhelming to unpack. With baby #2 I had a lightly packed bag for each of us and returned home the same. Here are some of tips for packing your hospital bag: 

Pack Light.
There are so many lists of what to pack online, but trust me, you don't need everything on those lists. You will be tired when you get home and you won't want to come home to a bunch of unpacking. In most cases, you are are there 24-72 hours. Not forever.

Don't stress too much about the baby bag.
Both hospitals I went to had bassinets fully stocked with the basics. Diapers, wipes, lotion, bath soap, comb,  and diaper rash ointment. Use them. You will probably be billed for them and it's a lot easier to unpack (or leave behind) those small sized bottles.They will even have bottles for feedings, breast pumps, and nipple cream. I packed 3 diapers and Aquaphor. Neither was necessary. A cute outfit or two and  a blanket or receiving blanket would get you by. 

Consider needs vs. wants
Ok, ladies, I know we want all of our favorite things to make us comfortable, but I have seen some crazy lists. Favorite blanket,  pillow, lotion, stuffed animal, family photo, music, essential oils, house slippers, robe, nightgown, snacks, ultrasound photo, pics of siblings....Listen, someone has to unpack all it and you probably won't use all of it. Pick and choose wisely. Again, you aren't there forever.

Scrapbooking Items
I never packed anything to remember the event by except for my camera. There are so many cute handprint/footprint kits, papers, and even shirts out there. If there is ever a baby #3, I would look into finding something cute. But if for some reason, you don't or can't get anything, don't worry. Your phone or camera can capture tons. You will also get those precious little hospital bands and hats. 

Tech Gear
Phones. Phone chargers. Camera. Camera battery charger. Want to bring a tablet? Yep, grab the charger.

A Last Minute Item list
I kept mine on the fridge. It just a list of things that I couldn't keep in the bag. For instance, my camera, phone, chargers, wallet with ID/health insurance cards, hair straightener, etc..

Hopefully these tips will help you pack or even cross off some items on those bag packing lists. 
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