My Reality TV Read: Turning The Tables by Teresa Giudice

Title: Turning The Tables: From Housewife To Inmate And Back Again
Author: Teresa Giudice with K.C. Baker
Year Published: 2016

I love reality TV and the ladies from RHONJ are my favorite. I couldn't pass up reading Teresa Giudice's book and choose to listen it to the audio version.

Let me start by saying that this exactly what I expected from Teresa. If you watch the show then you know she has a way of praising her family and herself ALOT. She also has a way of glossing over situations. There is plenty of that, but the story still came out ok. She still tells the highs (should I say mediums instead?) and lows of days leading up to her entering prison and her time there. I felt like the "Back Again" in the title wasn't included in the book. It ends at her exiting prison. I would have like to known a little about her return home.

In her typical fashion, she had a way of making prison sound like it wasn't that bad. At one point she talks about her morning routine of eating oatmeal and drinking coffee out on the yard. She may have not meant to, but it kind of made me consider a future in prison. If you watch the show then you know that this is just Teresa. As far as the audio, it was Teresa's words with Teresa's voice, but it was monotone. I would have loved to have heard it with her normal inflections. If you like reality TV then it's an ok read. If you don't watch reality TV then this is probably a pass.

Did you read it or any other books by reality TV stars? Let me know.
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