Heidi's First Trip To The Zoo

I took the girls to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo yesterday. Its a smaller zoo, but after 4 hours of keeping the girls from running all over I was exhausted. The weather was perfect (70 and sunny) and only downside was that it was crowded. Overall, it was still a good day, but when I finally laid down last night, I was asleep in about 2 minutes.

Don't be fooled by this photo! Heidi was ok in the stroller about half  of the time. The other half  she was either out of it or trying to get out.

I got a few more photos, but nothing amazing. Trying to get photos of an 18 month old while they are on the move just ain't easy!  And since we have all been bombarded with the recent cautionary tale, I think we are all probably extra extra careful watching our kids at the zoo, right?

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