Dear Sophie:A Letter On Your Eighth Birthday

Dear Sophie,

I can't believe you are 8 years old. I feel like you are growing up too fast. I wish I could slow things down a little. It's  hard to believe that it was 8 years ago that you made me mom. I remember holding you as a tiny baby and thinking you were the most amazing thing ever. 
You are feisty, funny, smart and sometimes a drama queen. You take swim lessons and play baseball. You ended up on same team as your best friend, Aubrey, which you are so excited about. You are also in Girl Scouts and are in mini 4-H.
First grade was a rough for you. It wasn't academically rough, but adjusting to a new teacher and classroom routines was hard. You made it through. Just like I told you. Another example of how your mom is always right :) Always listen to your mom.
You are good at math. I hope this lasts. I don't want you to get stuck in the "I'm bad at math" mindset that I think many kids get into. Honestly, you do well in school right now in all subjects. I'm thankful that at this point things are coming pretty easy and I hope you don't take it for granted if that continues.
Shopkins are your favorite toys right now. For your birthday you are getting money to go pick some out. You like to listen to music. You like Katy Perry and even though you have a lot of favorite songs, you seem to always want to hear Shut Up And Dance With Me by Walk The Moon.
I love seeing you grow up and experience new things, but you will always be my little baby.

Love you lots,

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