One Very Important Question Before Homeschooling

Maybe it's just the link ups I participate in or the blog trail I follow, but homeschooling is EVERYWHERE. I love and worry about this growing popularity. I love that people take advantage of their educational freedoms and also worry about the ramifications homeschooling's popularity. Education isn't "one size fits all" and sometimes the internet doesn't reflect that. 

The problem with having to choose is that we frequently do it based on other people experiences. We Google, Pin, read blogs, ask around and pray before we decide. The problem with these things (with the exception of praying) is that it's hard to know how those experiences will apply to you. When I was deciding to send Sophie to public school I would see all the online homeschooling resources and think, I can do this. If I use this curriculum and follow this blogger's homeschooling schedule, this will great! These printables will keep us organized. Look how well it is working for that family of 12.  There were so many example of "perfect" homeschooling that it felt like an easy decision.  I just had to get over one big hurdle: it wasn't all about me or those bloggers. It was about my child. 

One of of the biggest lines in homeschooling is "it just felt right for my family". You definitely need your whole family on board for the commitment, but there is an even more important question:

Is this right for this child?

Not your whole family. Not all your children. Each child deserves to be considered as an individual and the way they are educated shouldn't be an exception. When I decided to send Sophie to school it was hard. I had been in both public school and home school. I was worried about what that would mean for Heidi and any other children I may have. Would this mean public school for Heidi also? The answer is no. It won't make it easy to home school one and not the other. I just know it is important to assess each child's needs and understand what will meet those needs.  I don't know what Heidi's future holds or even Sophie's, but homeschooling Sophie didn't seem like the right thing for her at this time.

In case you are wondering, my mom didn't immediately homeschool my sister just because I had been homeschooled. My sister went to school for several years before being homeschooled. My mom homeschooled us for very different reasons. I appreciate that we were considered individuals.You may still decide that you can homeschool all your children, send them all to school or a mix, but take your time thinking of each child. They deserve it.

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