5 on Friday: May 27th, 2016

Check out this week's post and join the discussion about what surprised you during labor.

I'm going to bet ya'll have already watched Chewbacca Mom. If you have somehow managed to miss it, let me tell you, her laugh  and joy is contagious. Watch it. For reals.  

Last weekend we celebrated Sophia's birthday with her friends. Her birthday isn't actually until next week, but it was just better to do it last weekend. I'm going to post more about the party next week, but here is sneak peek 

 We were on the market for Sophia a new glove and helmet for ball and I found some steals at Wal-Mart. I originally picked up the pink helmet. It didn't fit Sophia, but I decided to keep it for Heidi. I went back the next day to get another size and there was way more marked down.They had a lot of kids ball gear on clearance. It is worth checking out.
Tee  $20.83--$4.00 
Soft ball helmet $7.00 / T-ball helmet $7.00
I can't find the orignial price online. I'm going to guesstimate $20.00 
Glove  19.95---$4.00
Pitchback  $24.99--$6.00
Red helmet $24.99--$6.00/ Pink Helmet $20.00--$9.00
Guessing on the original pink one's price. 
I'm not sure about the quality of the tee and pitch back, but for $10.00 I will take the chance. 
Estimated Full Price Total: $150.76
 Sale Total:  $43.00
 Savings: 107.76!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
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11 Things I Didn't Expect During Labor

1. Contractions can start slowly and then come very quickly. 
Consider that when deciding to head to the hospital if it isn't nearby. 
2. I only felt the contractions in my back. 
My doctor had told me I would know I was having contractions because they would be my across stomach. When I got to the hospital a nurse told me that back labor is common. I wish I would have known that hours before when I was at home thinking I wasn't having "real contractions".
3. I had hard, uncontrollable shakes. 
Is hard the right word? Maybe big? Let's just say they weren't small shivers or a nervous shake. I saw my body trembling, but couldn't stop it. For some reason this embarrassed me a lot. 
4. So. Much. Sweat. 
I was dripping sweat. Way, way more than I imagined and I was so hot.  Ryan kept getting me wash clothes for my forehead. 
5. Everyone else seemed to be moving so slow. 
On the drive my contractions were less than 1 minute apart. It felt like Ryan was driving so slowly. Then we got to the hospital and they had to do admittance stuff. It felt like they were moving at snail pace. That's what happens when you are in pain. Just a warning. 
6. I was completely out of control in regards to my body. 
The contractions, sweating, pain, shaking, etc. were happening at their own pace. 
7. I was able to control other things. 
My reaction and attitude about what was happening was within my control
8. My manners didn't go completely out the window. 
In movies you always see women just losing it and cursing. I did at one point try to leave my purse with the woman at the entrance area so she could get my info. Things were happening too fast by the time I got there and answering those questions was taking way too long, but I still was nice about it. 
9. I said silly things. 
I told the anesthesiologist he was my superhero at least four times. Maybe that wasn't silly. He kind of was my hero. 
10.The epidural didn't slow things down. 
The doc warned me that once I got it things would move slower. It didn't. Things still moved quickly and I could still feel enough to push. Obviously, this is different for everyone. 
11. I wasn't left with the feelings I expected. 
I have heard people say that labor is beautiful. After my c-section and reading about how happy other women felt after a VBAC, I assumed I would feel the same. My baby was beautiful. Meeting her was beautiful. The labor was like nothing else I have ever experienced. I don't have a word for it, but beautiful wouldn't be my first choice.
12. Not so surprising: It's 100% worth it. 

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5 on Friday: Red, White & Blue

I know that Summer doesn't technically start Memorial Day weekend, but I used to feel like I did. That has definitely changed since we moved. The move was only 150 miles north, but it stays a lot cooler for longer. It may not feel like summer yet, but I still think Memorial Day gives me permission to start some patriotic decorating. Plus I am embracing a new theory that I can decorate with red, white and blue from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Good idea, right? Or is going past July too much? I'm still up in the air. Let me know what you think. 
I haven't been decorating for Summer too much before, but I have been pinning away this year. Here are a few of my favorite red, white and blue pins. 

I love that print at the top. It's small, but it can still add a little something. And the 4th of July Sangria? Yes, please.
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One Very Important Question Before Homeschooling

Maybe it's just the link ups I participate in or the blog trail I follow, but homeschooling is EVERYWHERE. I love and worry about this growing popularity. I love that people take advantage of their educational freedoms and also worry about the ramifications homeschooling's popularity. Education isn't "one size fits all" and sometimes the internet doesn't reflect that. 

The problem with having to choose is that we frequently do it based on other people experiences. We Google, Pin, read blogs, ask around and pray before we decide. The problem with these things (with the exception of praying) is that it's hard to know how those experiences will apply to you. When I was deciding to send Sophie to public school I would see all the online homeschooling resources and think, I can do this. If I use this curriculum and follow this blogger's homeschooling schedule, this will great! These printables will keep us organized. Look how well it is working for that family of 12.  There were so many example of "perfect" homeschooling that it felt like an easy decision.  I just had to get over one big hurdle: it wasn't all about me or those bloggers. It was about my child. 

One of of the biggest lines in homeschooling is "it just felt right for my family". You definitely need your whole family on board for the commitment, but there is an even more important question:

Is this right for this child?

Not your whole family. Not all your children. Each child deserves to be considered as an individual and the way they are educated shouldn't be an exception. When I decided to send Sophie to school it was hard. I had been in both public school and home school. I was worried about what that would mean for Heidi and any other children I may have. Would this mean public school for Heidi also? The answer is no. It won't make it easy to home school one and not the other. I just know it is important to assess each child's needs and understand what will meet those needs.  I don't know what Heidi's future holds or even Sophie's, but homeschooling Sophie didn't seem like the right thing for her at this time.

In case you are wondering, my mom didn't immediately homeschool my sister just because I had been homeschooled. My sister went to school for several years before being homeschooled. My mom homeschooled us for very different reasons. I appreciate that we were considered individuals.You may still decide that you can homeschool all your children, send them all to school or a mix, but take your time thinking of each child. They deserve it.

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