What's Happening Wednesday: Birthdays On My Mind

I know I have already shared birthday pics of Heidi, but I have one more. Some email issues kept me from getting the color version of this pic earlier and the photographer contacted me to see if I got it. I'm so glad she did. I love it.

Next month it will be time for Sophie's birthday pics and I want her clothes to be sort of similar in color to Heidi's so that the pics will look nice next to each other. I haven't started shopping for it yet, but I need to start looking. I have started planning her birthday party already. I haven't told her yet because she would drive me crazy talking about, but we are doing a bowling party. Anyone else have to wait until the last minute to tell your kids things?

There is so much good stuff on Etsy. I have been pinning decorating and birthday goody items like crazy. 
So that's what's been going on with my little family. 
Happy Wednesday!