Weekend Recap 4/1-4/3/16

The girls and I ran some errands and hit up a few of our favorite places Saturday morning: Goodwill, Starbucks, Hobby Lobby, and grocery store. We finished by going to a Chinese buffet for lunch at Sophie's request. Let me tell ya, Heidi can put back some serious vegetable lo mien. 

When we were out we noticed it seemed to be getting colder and then I noticed snow. Yes, snow. Then came the wind and the rain and  the ice. We got home and I ran back into town once. But it was really a stay inside kind of day.

Sunday we stayed home. I shampooed the carpet in a couple rooms. I'm going to be glad when I'm done. Sophie made did a painting that I had pinned on Pinterest. She loved it!  

It was a nice, simple weekend. 
 I hope you had a good one too!

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  1. It rained, snow and was sunny all within about 45 minutes on Saturday. Ohio needs to get it's act together and warm up a bit!