Getting The Most Out Of Cleaning Your Carpet

This past week I tackled the daunting task of shampooing the carpet. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love how clean the floor is and how nice it smells. I hate  having the floor soaked and the fact that my family walks on my carpet afterwards. Can't they just stay outside?  :) I joke. Kind of.

Here are a few tips to making it easier and the results better:
  • Vacuum. And vacuum again prior to shampooing. 
  • Considering taking an outdoor broom (one with stiffer bristles) to the areas near the outside door to help lift dirt up prior to vacuuming. 
  • Spot treat stains several minutes before shampooing. 
  • Mix a little vinegar into the cleaner solution mix. I think this just adds a little extra odor killing and stain removal power. Vinegar alone is also an option.
  • Take your time! Break it down into several days. Who wants to do this and realize when the floor dries that it didn't make much of a difference?
  • Go easy on applying the cleaner/water mix. A lot of water can come out and you don't want to over soak the floor. 
  • Put time into extraction! It's the most important part. Otherwise you have just will be left with dirty water in your carpet. 

The Bissell ProHeat Pet is the shampooer one I have. It's not particularly heavy, easy to use and extracts well for a home shampooer. They have new models now, but if they have improved on mine, I would recommend it. 

When I was looking for pic, I realized it is an exclusive to Walmart. It's also a little cheaper than when I got it. It's only $160.  I think that's a good price. 

I hoped this helps you get the most out of shampooing you carpets. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. I was going to ask if you could recommend one to rent (we only have carpet upstairs) but $160 isn't bad and it probably would cost that much to just rent two or three times. How often do you shampoo?

    1. Yea, we were going to rent one, but after seeing the prices we decided to just make the investment. It's also nice to not load/unload it.