What's Happening: A late recap

Let's just start with the internet not working at my house this weekend. Of course I could check everything on my phone, buts its not the same. The tech wasn't supposed to be here until yesterday. I guess the internet not working isn't an emergency. But on Monday I convinced Ryan to get me a phone cord. Getting a new phone cord worked.

So that means I'm catching up a bit.

Friday night just kind of went by. I had a sore throat and went to bed early with assistance for Nyquil.

Saturday I did a Goodwill run. I love going by there to see if there are any inexpensive things that I can attempt to makeover. I found a couple things I will share later.
Sophie had a busy Saturday. I took her bowling with her girl scout troop. They had plenty of fun, but I'm not going to lie-- 2 hours of watching kids bowl felt like 8 hours for me. After that we went home and got her ready to go to the Daddy/Daughter Dance. It was so cute and she had a lot of fun. Doesn't she look so grown up?

Sunday we hung out at home. I made chicken noodle soup for lunch. It was perfect for the rainy day. I also did lots and lots of laundry. I finally feel caught up on that.

The time change is killing me. And last week I got a new baby carrier. More about that later.
 Happy Wednesday.

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