The Happy Wrap: Baby Product Review

Six years ago when I had Sophia the baby carrying trend hadn't really taken off and my experience with my carrier was so-so. I was willing to try again, but wanted to try something different. Then during one of my last minute panic-omg-I'm-having-a-baby shopping moments I found the
 Happy Wrap.

Good things about it: 
  • Soft
  • Made from organic bamboo
  • Stretchy
  • Lots of color and patterns
  • Machine washable
  • It's very comfortable and the fabric is breathable
  • It's a one size fits all kinda thing (no need to try to figure out your size like other wraps)
  • The Happy Wrap is a life saver when you need to get stuff done around the house, want to sit down at the computer, walk around the store with out the car seat hogging the cart....I could go on, but I bet you get it. 
  • Very reasonably priced: 48.00  

The Not-So Good:
  • It takes a little practice but you will get the hang of it.
  • It can start to lose the stretch. Washing it returns it to normal.
  • The fabric is LONG. It can be difficult (not impossible) to put on in the parking lot if you are about to head into a store . It will end up on the ground. It is easier to just wear it when leaving the house. 
  • Limited use. I quit using when Heidi was about 6 months old. 

My Experience: The first few times I used it I just couldn't trust it. I only used it when I was sitting down and wanted my hands free to do other things. After a week or so of using it every day I got used to it and learned how I liked to put it on. The key is to make it tight so the baby and you both feel secure.   I can't stress this part enough. Once I got that, I liked it.

 There isn't one wrap that does everything. This wrap has has a few downsides, but they don't compete with the perks. This wrap is perfect for my every day needs---which includes keeping my baby snuggled up next to me. 

Do you have a favorite wrap? Have you tried the Happy Wrap? Anyone have carriers that you can have your baby on your back or forward facing?

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