March Goals Update

So February was very successful, but how did I do in March? Not so good. Some of these are going to roll over to April.

  • Publish 20 Posts--So close! This is my 17th post!
  • Participate in 10 link ups Done!
  • Complete 2 new pages---Worked on my About Me, but didn't start 2 at all.

  • Work on getting rid of things/organizing spaces 
  • Paint doors to girls' rooms and bathroom --I started, but its taking longer than I thought.
  • Lose 10 lbs--Nope.
  • Try 5 new recipes---Nada.
  • Get photos for empty frames and hang.- Didn't even load them to order prints.
  • Get Heidi's blinds and curtains. Nope.

Big Goal
  • Work on eating "real" foods for breakfast and lunch-- Forgot it completely.

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