Easter 2016

 Like all good photographers, I had the girls face the sun. :)
I used beach totes instead of baskets. They got the standard books and candy. I got Sophie a small dry erase board and markers. Heidi got a children's gardening set. 
Just a few photos of the girls (+ my mom) hunting for eggs. Heidi is "reading" her Easter card from her great-grandma in the first photo. I though it was so cute. The last pic is Sophie going through eggs for her money and candy.

We did the egg hunt on Saturday because the drive back home would make Sunday overwhelming. When we got home on Sunday I hid the real eggs Sophie had colored throughout our yard and then she hid them for me. Between my basket, Grandma's basket and Great-Grandma's toys, they made out like bandits. The grandmas can definitely chill out with their Easter gifts. Overall, it was a pretty good Easter. :)

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