Be The Change You Wish To See

I'm linking up with Sarah Emily Blogs and Girl Talk Blog for the 52 Week Blogger Challenge.  Week 13's prompt is Be The Change You Wish To See. Fortunately their prompt doesn't say the "in the world" at the end AND the link-up says it is open to interpretation. "In the world" just seemed to add a lot of pressure. So, I am going to talk about change that is little less worldly and instead more personal.

I think the biggest change I need in my life is to take control of my health. Giving up soda was a big goal for me and it has been almost 2 months since I had one. It was definitely a change for the better, but it's not like that was my only bad habit. I have many to add to add to the list, including that that I don't exercise regularly. Randomly I may go to the gym, do a Jillian Michaels video or walk, but no real commitment. That is definitely a change in my life that I want to see happen.

With next month just being 2 days away that it one of my biggest goals:  exercising more and including the kids when I do it. It just seems that if they aren't included in some way, it's less likely to happen. So that's it. That's the change I wish to see in my life right now.  Completely unrelated, but if you are looking for a link-up or prompts, check out the 52 Week Blogger Challenge by clicking the button below.

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52 Week Blogger Challenge

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