A letter to Heidi on her 15 month birthday

Dear Heidi,
You are 15 months old today. I didn't intend to post a letter when it's not a major milestone, but I couldn't help it. Right now you are sitting in your high chair eating macaroni and cheese. You hold your baby fork to poke at it and then grab the noodles up with your other hand. Then your cheese covered face lights up as you gives a big smile. You're a carb lover like your momma. I get it. Pasta is good.
You went to the doctor for your 15 month check up and 2 shots. It went as well as could be expected at this age.

You are getting such a personality. You love your big sister, but when you don't like what she is doing, you definitely stick up for yourself. You also get jealous is she gets near me. You let out a screech and make sure I make room for you too. You can climb onto one of our lower couches and you are trying really hard to get up on top of the taller one.

You love bananas. You eat them more than anything. You also still love sweet potatoes, carrots, spaghetti and grapes. I feel sometimes like you love playing with everything but your toys. Lids, measuring cups, hair brushes, and remote controls seem to be your favorite things.

Weight Updates
Birth:  7lbs0.oz
12 months: 22.lbs. 0oz
15 months: 23lbs 4oz
Not much weight gain in the last 3 months, but you are a terribly picky eater right now.

Height Update
Birth: 19.5 inches 
12 months: 28.75 inches
15 months: 29.5 inches
I have to be honest, I keep wondering if the height was taken correctly to me. You seem SO much taller than you were just 3 months ago.

I love seeing how you change and grow more into your own person. You bring so much happiness to our family.

I love you lots.

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  1. It's amazing how fast time flies with little ones and I love that you took the time share her at 15 months. You will be glad you did when she is older.