5 On Friday:March 18, 2016 Edition

In case you missed it, I did a 10 on Tuesday post about Celeb Crushes. It was a fun post to write. I realized that even though I forget where I keys a lot I still now most of the words to Mmmbop. Figure that out.

Also, if you are on the market for some baby gear, check out 5 Items You Can Live Without and my review of the HappyWrap. It only took me 9 months to finally post the review. Yea, that's all.

Last week I was on the Ulta app and got a great deal on a hair tool storage tote. The total with the lip cube after my coupon was $7.89. I saved $21.59, but I did have to 5.99 shipping.  If you are looking for one, they are still on the Ulta app under sale.

I also did this post on one of my favorite recipes: Easy Chocolate Eclaire Dessert. It's so easy and would be great for Easter.

And last, I need some advice. Do you do professional Easter photos? We did family Christmas photos in November, the girls had twinkle light photos in December, and Heidi had birthday photos in Jan. It feels like a bit much, but I want them too. I'm wondering what other mommas do. Let me know.

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  1. I had no idea Ulta had an app! Need to check that out!

  2. I've never heard of professional Easter photos, but I do think it would make a great photo opp as usually everyone is all dressed up! I bet you could find a photographer who would day a 1 hour session for pretty cheap!

  3. Have a blessed day