10 Celebrity Crushes In The 90s/2000s

This post is inspired by and linked up at the 10 on Tuesday. Happy Tuesday!

In no particular order, here are 10 celebrity crush I (and maybe you) had in 90s/2000s:

1990s Boy Band 1. Joey McIntyre-- I was really little around this time. I think Joey was just my favorite because he was the youngest in NKOTB.

2. Charlie Sheen--I was kid and I thought he was the coolest guy at the time (back in the Major League days). I still like him. I just can't help it. 
3. Ian Zeiring--Steve was definitely my favorite 90210 guy, but it was hard to not like all of them.  Honestly, I can't believe my mom let me watch it. I was way to young. What was she thinking?!?

 4. Heath Ledger--Remember seeing 10 Things I Hate About You as a teen?

5. Hanson
Zac, Issaac, and Taylor. Mmmbop? Ok, I was a super crazy fangirl. They came around at the perfect time during my preteen years. They were hands down my favorite on this list. Did you see the words super and crazy before fangirl? I cried when I got tickets to their concert and had Hanson scrapbooks. Yep, plural. Scrapbooks.
I still heart them and occasionally have to google them to see what they are doing

6. Charles Hunnam -- Ok, he's a more recent, maybe even now crush. Still not sure? He's Jax on Sons of Anarchy.  Do I need to explain this one?

7. George Clooney-- Have you noticed that aging only seems to help him? He's just so debonair.

Joey Lawrence
8. Brody Jenner--I'm not sure he counts as a celebrity or even a cruch, but back in the day when The Hills was on, he definitely didn't hurt a scene.

9. Joey Lawrence--whoa!

10. JTT--A little cryptic, but if you know who this is then you probably bought a Tiger Beat in 90s.

Ok, did you get a little nostalgic? I'm going to bet that some of you have no idea who half the people are on the list. Let me know if I missed anyone in the comments.