Weekend Recap

The girls and I had pretty good weekend. 
Saturday we went to the pool. Both the girls love swimming, but after about an hour they were both tired. After we got out of the pool we had tons of chaos showering and getting dressed. Heidi was sooooo sleepy. She cried the entire time, but we survived. After that we went and had a yummy lunch. Then Sophie sold Girl Scout Cookies with her troop outside of Lowe's. The troop was so cute and we could hear them asking people to buy cookies throughout the whole store. We stopped at a nearby Steak'n'Shake and got shakes on the way home. (The Chocolate Cover Strawberry Milkshake is delish!) It was only four when we got home, but both the girls were tired. So we spent the rest of the night at home.

Sunday I actually snapped pics. 

We went to Penn Station for lunch. I used to have one close to where I lived, but we don't have one nearby now. It was so yummy! Penn Station, if you read this, please open a location close to me, please, now. 
Then I took the girls to Science Central. We were there for a few hours and headed home. Just a really nice way to spend the afternoon. 
Sophie was finally tall enough to  go down the slides!

Fun at the water table

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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