Preparing for Spring Cleaning

Let it go, let it go. Can't hold it back anymore. I sing the lyrics of Let It Go when I want Sophie to throw something away she thinks she needs to keep. Seven year old really love to hold on to things, even things that don't make sense or things that clearly belong in the trash. When I start to get annoyed, I look around I realize, sometimes I do the same thing. Hoarder? Not by any means. I like throwing things away but sometimes it's not that easy. 

Examples of times people need to sing Let It Go (my version adds: or organize it) to me:
  • the comforter with a BIG tear that I keep along with the matching pillows. 
  • infant toys still out from Heidi--SO.MANY.TOYS.
  • anything in my kitchen cabinets --so much and so unorganized. 
  • Stuff I haven't scrapbooked from when Sophie was one. She will be eight in June. Yep. 

Most of that stuff I legitimately kept for a good reason. My kitchen cabinets are full of good kitchen stuff that I won't just throw away. It just needs organized, but if I'm not going to organize it, I need to get rid of it. Does that make sense? I hope so. 
Spring is on it's way and my house is in desperate need of some serious fresh air, cleaning and a carpet shampooing. Before I get to any cleaning, I need to work on letting go or organizing it. Throughout March I am going to go through my house and weed out the stuff that needs to go. Along the way I want to work on finding better ways to organize my house. The key to doing this successful will be going at it slowly and deliberately. I want to be sure I don't just toss things away, but the space is set up to hold the stuff that needs to go there. Hopefully by the end of March my house will be much more organized .

I love comments. How are you getting ready for Spring? Decluttering? Cleaning?Do you have any items you just CAN'T let go of? Let me know!
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