Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We have a long weekend coming up and we are supposed to have some crazy warm weather. I'm definitely looking forward to it. I hope you all have some great weather and a great weekend!

ONE. Indiana Weather
50-60 degree weather this weekend? Yes, please. 

TWO. Hobby Lobby
The girls and I went to Hobby Lobby on Monday. I didn't have a list and ended up buying completely random stuff. I got home and remembered all the projects I wanted to do. Any one else do that? 

THREEA very late Christmas present
I ordered Warm and Cozy on Black Friday from VS and just got it this week. 
FOUR. New Blog Design
I have been blogging for years, but never bought a blog template. Last weekend I went for it. It's basic, but there it a lot of room for customization. I am still working what I want my blog style to be, so there may still be changes, but I love all the options. (Another To Do In 2016 item checked off)

FIVE. R.I.P. Big Ang
One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV and there is no one that stood out more than Big Ang.

Hope you have great weekend!
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  1. I can't believe how long it took for you to get that VS delivery!! Was it backordered? Have a good long weekend !

  2. Everytime I go to Hobby Lobbby I am so inspired to start crafting and then without a doubt I lose all motivation in the next few weeks haah!

  3. Indiana weather is like Virginia weather, haha.

  4. Oh my gosh! /you just barely got your black Friday order?! Crazy!
    Oh how I love Hobby Lobby! I need to make a trip there asap!
    Love the blog template!

  5. hobby lobby is one of my favorite places and yes I agree big ang will be very much missed by many
    come see us at