Preparing for Spring Cleaning

Let it go, let it go. Can't hold it back anymore. I sing the lyrics of Let It Go when I want Sophie to throw something away she thinks she needs to keep. Seven year old really love to hold on to things, even things that don't make sense or things that clearly belong in the trash. When I start to get annoyed, I look around I realize, sometimes I do the same thing. Hoarder? Not by any means. I like throwing things away but sometimes it's not that easy. 

Examples of times people need to sing Let It Go (my version adds: or organize it) to me:
  • the comforter with a BIG tear that I keep along with the matching pillows. 
  • infant toys still out from Heidi--SO.MANY.TOYS.
  • anything in my kitchen cabinets --so much and so unorganized. 
  • Stuff I haven't scrapbooked from when Sophie was one. She will be eight in June. Yep. 

Most of that stuff I legitimately kept for a good reason. My kitchen cabinets are full of good kitchen stuff that I won't just throw away. It just needs organized, but if I'm not going to organize it, I need to get rid of it. Does that make sense? I hope so. 
Spring is on it's way and my house is in desperate need of some serious fresh air, cleaning and a carpet shampooing. Before I get to any cleaning, I need to work on letting go or organizing it. Throughout March I am going to go through my house and weed out the stuff that needs to go. Along the way I want to work on finding better ways to organize my house. The key to doing this successful will be going at it slowly and deliberately. I want to be sure I don't just toss things away, but the space is set up to hold the stuff that needs to go there. Hopefully by the end of March my house will be much more organized .

I love comments. How are you getting ready for Spring? Decluttering? Cleaning?Do you have any items you just CAN'T let go of? Let me know!
 Follow along to read my updates  and let me know about yours.  Happy Organizing!

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Five on Friday: Feb.26.2016 Edition

What a week! I took a little blog break because of a very unexpected long school break for Sophie. The weather was so crazy. Sixties last Friday and loads of ice/snow Wednesday. I also have been getting some annoying headaches. All those things had me a bit off this week, but I survived. Let's go ahead and jump in: 

[ONE] The Very Long Break From School
Want to have an excited kid? Turn a 4 day weekend into a 6 day weekend. Then the one day they go has a 2 hour delay. Monday and Tuesday was scheduled off and after some serious snow there were 2 snows days  I'm sure there are plenty of parents in our school district ready to pull their hair out. Plenty of parents includes myself.

[TWO] Visiting Family and A Trip To Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Heidi loved this recycling truck. 
Heidi and Sophia sleeping with my sister acting as a pillow.
With the long break, we spent time visiting my family. Sophie had a Girl Scout event Saturday afternoon. We made the 3 hour drive after that and stayed until Tuesday. We got to see my grandma's new house, do a little shopping and visit the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. I  was so excited to go back and then once I got there I was a little sad. It has changed a lot in the last 3.5 years. The part Sophie loved the most when she was little was gone. Regardless, it was fun, but it made me a little sad. If you are in Dayton, Ohio you should definitely go. It is 100% all kids, hands on museum. I think best geared towards kids 4-8. 
While we were there...

[THREE] Heidi and I did some shopping. 
We went to TJ Maxx and a few other places.I always feel like such a bargain hunter when I'm there. Isn't my partner in crime just adorable? 

I didn't get much, but a new water bottle. I am totally going to be using this a lot BECAUSE....

[FOUR] No More Chug life For Me!
One of my goals this year was to put my soda addiction to rest. Yes, I used the word addiction. While there is no comparison to a drug/alcohol /tobacco addiction, I definitely had a problem. Some days I drank an embarrassing amount of soda and I have been doing it for years. Coke-a-Cola was the drug of choice. Between the caffeine and sugar there were few other drinks that compared and water definitely wasn't one of them. After 26 days, I still want the fizzle of a coke, but I'm doing pretty good.

[FIVE] Fuller House Is Finally Here!
I may have even gotten a little sentimental and teary eyed watching
the trailer. All the nostalgia is just too much.
Anyone else feel the same?

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon! 
Have a great weekend!

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Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We have a long weekend coming up and we are supposed to have some crazy warm weather. I'm definitely looking forward to it. I hope you all have some great weather and a great weekend!

ONE. Indiana Weather
50-60 degree weather this weekend? Yes, please. 

TWO. Hobby Lobby
The girls and I went to Hobby Lobby on Monday. I didn't have a list and ended up buying completely random stuff. I got home and remembered all the projects I wanted to do. Any one else do that? 

THREEA very late Christmas present
I ordered Warm and Cozy on Black Friday from VS and just got it this week. 
FOUR. New Blog Design
I have been blogging for years, but never bought a blog template. Last weekend I went for it. It's basic, but there it a lot of room for customization. I am still working what I want my blog style to be, so there may still be changes, but I love all the options. (Another To Do In 2016 item checked off)

FIVE. R.I.P. Big Ang
One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV and there is no one that stood out more than Big Ang.

Hope you have great weekend!
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What I'm Loving Right Now


 Binge Watching:

 Listening To:

(Lots of Colorful Kids Art)

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Weekend Recap

Friday & Saturday
Heidi wasn't feeling well Friday and Saturday. She was just very tired and running a fever. 
She laid in lap with a blankie and napped/ rested almost all day. Saturday morning I did leave her with Ry so that I could go to eye doctor. Taking out the old contacts and putting in new felt so good.

Valentine's Day
We keep it simple here. 
Rice Krispie Treats = Love

Flowers from Ryan

Inside? Bacon Pringles, Pizza Pringles & Beef Jerk.
Pizza, Bacon and Jerky...his favorite things.
To him they are better than a box of chocolates :-

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Weekend Recap

The girls and I had pretty good weekend. 
Saturday we went to the pool. Both the girls love swimming, but after about an hour they were both tired. After we got out of the pool we had tons of chaos showering and getting dressed. Heidi was sooooo sleepy. She cried the entire time, but we survived. After that we went and had a yummy lunch. Then Sophie sold Girl Scout Cookies with her troop outside of Lowe's. The troop was so cute and we could hear them asking people to buy cookies throughout the whole store. We stopped at a nearby Steak'n'Shake and got shakes on the way home. (The Chocolate Cover Strawberry Milkshake is delish!) It was only four when we got home, but both the girls were tired. So we spent the rest of the night at home.

Sunday I actually snapped pics. 

We went to Penn Station for lunch. I used to have one close to where I lived, but we don't have one nearby now. It was so yummy! Penn Station, if you read this, please open a location close to me, please, now. 
Then I took the girls to Science Central. We were there for a few hours and headed home. Just a really nice way to spend the afternoon. 
Sophie was finally tall enough to  go down the slides!

Fun at the water table

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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