Five On Friday: 01.15.16

{ONE: The Sopranos}

I am binge watching The Sopranos and close to the end. I'm going to miss Tony and Carmella.That's the problem with binge watching a show. It's sad when its over.

{TWO: Girl Scout Cookies}

It's Girl Scout Cookie time! For the first time ever we have a Girl Scout in the house---our very own cookie supplier! 

{THREE: Trying New Recipes}

One of my 101 in 2016 was to try 50 new recipes. I wasn't picky about the type of recipe. Anything at all, but 50 new things. . 
(*the ones we liked)
1. Bacon Ranch Chicken Bacon*2. Sweet Honey Glazed Carrots*
3. New pancake recipe (soooo fluffy)*4. Caramelized onion pork chops
5. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

{Four: The Money Duck}

Sophie got a Money Duck for Christmas. She wants to take a bath more than ever! She keeps telling me that she can tell inside the duck is an "eleven dollar bill". Ha!

{Five: Teeth}

Heidi had another tooth just poked through the bottom. That will put Heidi at 5 teeth and it looks like there will be some more at the top very, very soon. I wish I could get a pic, but she never seems to show her teeth when I want to snap a pic!

Have a great weekend!

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