Favorite Baby Food Products and Snacks

Heidi is on the verge of having 6 teeth! She loves feeding herself  and definitely has a few snacks that are her favorites. I wanted to share a few of our favorite products and snacks. 

Favorite Baby Food and Snack Products

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Simple Squeeze Kit, 22 pc Walmart.com / Nuby Nibbler 2-Pack with Travel Covers / Nuby 3 Pack Replacement Nets for The Nibbler / Plum Organics Super Puffs Reds Strawberry and Beet, 1.5 oz

We have moved past making our own baby food, but the Infantino Fresh Squeeze Kit will also be good for making smoothies for both Sophie and Heidi. I loved storing the food in pouches instead of ice cube-like trays I used with Sophie.
Both girls used the Nuby Nibbler (not much has changed in 6 years!). You really need to get the replacement mesh. The mesh can get pretty nasty after just a few uses and with some food can be a pain to clean.
Happy Yogis Yogurt and Fruit Snacks--we aren't brand picky about yogurt snacks, but this was the last brand we bought.
Plum Organics Super Puffs - No doubt about it, these are Heidi's favorite snacks. In a pinch I have given her Cheerios, but these are lower sugar with fruit and veggies.
Fresh fruit: Heidi loves bananas (sometimes I put PB on the pieces for her). Sophie loved blueberries.

Does your little one have a favorite snack? Any products that make feeding easier? 

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