Dear Heidi

Dear Heidi,
I can't believe you are one! There is a saying, "The days are long, but the years are short". That's how this year has felt. Those first few months were exhausting, but they were so special. Now you have grown into a cute little girl that gets into everything!
You had fun at your first birthday. You ate your cake so delicately and wouldn't put your fingers in until I helped you. Regardless, you still got plenty of cake on your face. You got a new riding toy, a swing that looks like a car, a Radio Flyer stroller/tricycle, a Vtech cat you can chase, rocking chair and so many other things. 

Milestones and facts:
Walked: 10 1/2 months
Stood on your own: 7 months
You have 4 teeth. 
Slept all night: 6 months
First food: 6 months
Words: Mamama and Dadada
Weight at birth: 7.01 lbs (45 percentile)  Height at birth: 19.5 (45 percentile)
Weight at now: 22 lbs (85 percentile)     Height now: 28.75 (35 percentile)
Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes and Plum Organics Super Puffs
Favorite Toys: Mom and Dad's Cell Phones, V-tech Smart Shots Sports Center

You are feisty and funny with the prettiest blue eyes that everyone notices.You started walking early and now you try to get into everything. Your sister makes you laugh more than anyone else and you love trying to get into her room.   If this year goes as fast as last year, it's going to fly by. I love you so much and can't wait to see you grow. 

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