Favorite Baby Food Products and Snacks

Heidi is on the verge of having 6 teeth! She loves feeding herself  and definitely has a few snacks that are her favorites. I wanted to share a few of our favorite products and snacks. 

Favorite Baby Food and Snack Products

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Simple Squeeze Kit, 22 pc Walmart.com / Nuby Nibbler 2-Pack with Travel Covers / Nuby 3 Pack Replacement Nets for The Nibbler / Plum Organics Super Puffs Reds Strawberry and Beet, 1.5 oz

We have moved past making our own baby food, but the Infantino Fresh Squeeze Kit will also be good for making smoothies for both Sophie and Heidi. I loved storing the food in pouches instead of ice cube-like trays I used with Sophie.
Both girls used the Nuby Nibbler (not much has changed in 6 years!). You really need to get the replacement mesh. The mesh can get pretty nasty after just a few uses and with some food can be a pain to clean.
Happy Yogis Yogurt and Fruit Snacks--we aren't brand picky about yogurt snacks, but this was the last brand we bought.
Plum Organics Super Puffs - No doubt about it, these are Heidi's favorite snacks. In a pinch I have given her Cheerios, but these are lower sugar with fruit and veggies.
Fresh fruit: Heidi loves bananas (sometimes I put PB on the pieces for her). Sophie loved blueberries.

Does your little one have a favorite snack? Any products that make feeding easier? 

Thanks for reading!

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This Sums Up The Weekend In My House...

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Five On Friday: 01.15.16

{ONE: The Sopranos}

I am binge watching The Sopranos and close to the end. I'm going to miss Tony and Carmella.That's the problem with binge watching a show. It's sad when its over.

{TWO: Girl Scout Cookies}

It's Girl Scout Cookie time! For the first time ever we have a Girl Scout in the house---our very own cookie supplier! 

{THREE: Trying New Recipes}

One of my 101 in 2016 was to try 50 new recipes. I wasn't picky about the type of recipe. Anything at all, but 50 new things. . 
(*the ones we liked)
1. Bacon Ranch Chicken Bacon*2. Sweet Honey Glazed Carrots*
3. New pancake recipe (soooo fluffy)*4. Caramelized onion pork chops
5. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

{Four: The Money Duck}

Sophie got a Money Duck for Christmas. She wants to take a bath more than ever! She keeps telling me that she can tell inside the duck is an "eleven dollar bill". Ha!

{Five: Teeth}

Heidi had another tooth just poked through the bottom. That will put Heidi at 5 teeth and it looks like there will be some more at the top very, very soon. I wish I could get a pic, but she never seems to show her teeth when I want to snap a pic!

Have a great weekend!

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Dear Heidi

Dear Heidi,
I can't believe you are one! There is a saying, "The days are long, but the years are short". That's how this year has felt. Those first few months were exhausting, but they were so special. Now you have grown into a cute little girl that gets into everything!
You had fun at your first birthday. You ate your cake so delicately and wouldn't put your fingers in until I helped you. Regardless, you still got plenty of cake on your face. You got a new riding toy, a swing that looks like a car, a Radio Flyer stroller/tricycle, a Vtech cat you can chase, rocking chair and so many other things. 

Milestones and facts:
Walked: 10 1/2 months
Stood on your own: 7 months
You have 4 teeth. 
Slept all night: 6 months
First food: 6 months
Words: Mamama and Dadada
Weight at birth: 7.01 lbs (45 percentile)  Height at birth: 19.5 (45 percentile)
Weight at now: 22 lbs (85 percentile)     Height now: 28.75 (35 percentile)
Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes and Plum Organics Super Puffs
Favorite Toys: Mom and Dad's Cell Phones, V-tech Smart Shots Sports Center

You are feisty and funny with the prettiest blue eyes that everyone notices.You started walking early and now you try to get into everything. Your sister makes you laugh more than anyone else and you love trying to get into her room.   If this year goes as fast as last year, it's going to fly by. I love you so much and can't wait to see you grow. 

101 in 2016: Glazed Carrots and Bacon & Ranch Chicken

Don't you love reading the 101 in 1001 list?  
Reading them shows there are so many  ambitious and unique people out there. I decided to make my own list: 101 in 2016. Don't let the shorter time full you--it's easier, not harder. I have a lot of little things I want to do with my family, in our home and some new things I want to learn. No major trips or moves, but things I have been saying I wanted to do or need to do.  I am still working on the list, but I know one of my goals is to try 50 new recipes. They can be any kind recipe. Another one of my goals is to start adding recipes to my recipes books and using them.  
Well, last night was a success for trying new recipes! 
I made Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake and Honey Glazed Carrots.
Not Pinterest worthy, but delish!
Want to try? Here ya go:
Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake (only 4 ingredients!)
Sweet Honey Glazed Carrots  (way better than my normal glazed carrots)

Happy New Year! 2016

Happy New Year!
I definitely have been off the blogging bandwagon for a LONG time. For the sake of honesty, that's not uncommon at all. There is no way I can catch up everything that has happened the last few months, but there a few posts that I want to do in the next few weeks:  Heidi turning one, Christmas, a mini recap of last year and my 101 list. I looking forward to this year and seeing what it has in store for my family.