Labor Day Weekend

1.  The girls and I went to my moms Friday night. 
It stormed so bad on the way there that we had to pull over. 
There are trees there, but you can't see them at all.

2.  Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Reds game.
 It was Red Rookies day. The Reds Rookies Club is for babies and the Reds Heads Club is for kids. My mom got both girls memberships.  They had baby activities and a on-field baby parade. 
Little H also got a certificate for it being her first baseball game. 
Oh yea, it was so freakin' hot. Like, no joke, 100 degrees. 
I'm going to to toot my own horn: I made Little H and Sophia matching hair bows.

Sophie walking in the parade.

3. Sunday we mostly stayed at my mom's, but later in the day we went out for shopping. 
Sophia got a haircut. She LOVED it. It wasn't her first, but it took some convincing to get her to do it.

Monday we headed home. 
It was rough. Sophie handles the 3.5 hour drive well, but Heidi cried a lot of it. 

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