5 on Friday 7.17.2015

Little H had her 6 month check-up on Thursday.Well, more like an almost 7 month check-up. Weight: 17.5 lbs  Length: 25.5 inches

She had to get three vaccines and take an oral vaccine. I'm sure all the moms reading this know that awful feeling you get as it's happening. 


School starts in just a little over three weeks here. Doesn't summer go fast? We are still waiting on the letter and supply list, but I am already looking for good deals. 


See that mess? That is exactly what our kitchen table looks like right now. I have to catch up on scrapbooking or just start pitching stuff. I still have stuff to scrapbook from Sophia's birth....seven years ago.

See below? It's a milestone no one mentions. Going shopping with no carrier. Yes.


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