3 on Monday...

So, last Friday I tried to do a "5" post, but getting photos to load was INSANE. So I stopped at 3 and just saved it. Well, I decided to post it anyway. Seriously some random stuff, but here it goes:

1. Little H. vs. Green  Beans
She makes some super funny ( and cute) faces every time she eats, but green beans were a whole other story! She gagged, did a little shiver and would push the spoon away.

2. Burt Shavitz died.
Don't know who this is?  Well, I bet you do. It's the "Burt" behind Burt's Bees. I'm sure plenty of you would recognize his face from the products. He seemed to be a creative, down to earth person that was also introverted. And I have a special place in my heart for introverts.

3. Blog Lovin'
OK, I'm light years behind. I finally downloaded the Blog Lovin' app. Love it. I also added a button on my blog. Yep. Go. Follow me now.

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