Easter 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I know we did. I cooked breakfast, then we put eggs out for Sophia to hunt and gave the girls their baskets. Later we met my family at Texas Roadhouse for lunch and a trip to the arcade where we played games.Sophia and my sister also played put-put and rode go carts. 
I was so excited to get to make 2 matching baskets this year! Of course they were filled with different goodies,
but I LOVED seeing them next to each other. 

New bunny ears and glasses.

Sophia read Little H's Easter book to her.

Sitting on the table @ Texas Roadhouse

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter and weekend!

5 on Friday--April 3rd, 2015


Anyone get the Birthday Cake Frap from Starbucks?
 It wasn't amazing, but it was something different. 

Sophia had beach day at school. 
Check out that hair clip---it was mine when I was little. 
A little early 90's throwback.

Just a little collage of past Easters. 

Okay, #4 is the same as #3, but I felt like it deserved it's own number.