Five on Friday 3.13.15


The first part of my five on friday is my birth annoucements for Little H.  Four through five are baby products we are using the time around.  I wrote a bit about the car seat.
Hopefully over the next few weeks I can fill you in on some pros/cons of others. 

 {One} Birth Announcements!
My pictures don't doesn't do the card justice, but here it is:

{Two}  Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller
I have only gotten to use it once, but so far I love it.  With the great weather we are supposed to have today and this week, hopefully it will get used more. 

{Three} Happy Wrap: Bamboo Baby Wrap
This is the wrap I use. 

{Four}  Inertia Infant Car Seat by Baby Trend

This car seat is kinda big, but I love how cozy Little H looks in it. With Sophia I had to one of those cushion head inserts in her car seat, but I have never felt she needed one in this seat. The canopy is big and it has one of the covers that comes over the baby's legs.

{Five} Medela Pump In Style Advanced


  1. Those birth announcements are adorable! I love the colors!

    1. Thank you! There are so many companies out there making birth announcements that it was hard to pick.

  2. I love your birth announcements! Can't wait to hear about the pros/cons of the pump!