A Few Postpartum Thoughts

I am sitting in bed with the baby next to me sleeping. Netflix is streaming White Collar and I am hooked up to the breast pump. This set up isn't unusual for me. Gummi Bear turned 3 weeks old early this morning. The last 3 weeks have went by incredibly quickly. Here are a few thoughts:

1. Sleeping on my stomach is AMAZING....
I forgot how nice it feels to lay down on my stomach. At the hospital I stayed mostly reclined and when I first came home I set up a sleeping/nursing/pumping spot on the reclining portion of the sectional. I moved back to the bed and it feels so nice laying on my stomach. 

2. ...when I get to sleep. 

3. Hello Caffeine! It's nice to see you again!

Ok, I didn't give caffeine up cold turkey, but I cut back A LOT when I was pregnant. It's nice to not feel as restricted. 

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