Dear Little One: 1 Month Letter

Dear Little One,
You are one month old today! I can't believe how fast this month has passed. Bringing you home on Christmas Eve was the best present I have ever gotten. You spend most of your time eating and sleeping. You like the bath and being snuggled in a blanket. You don't like getting out of the bath or having your diaper changed. You wake up to be fed every 2-3 hours. Usually you wake up for your 2 AM feeding and stay awake until about 4 AM. 

When you cry your sister tries to make sure you are warm by covering you with a blanket and making sure you are wearing socks. She also reads your stories. You already have your dad wrapped around your finger.  You are loved very much.
I wish I could keep you my little baby forever, but look forward to seeing how you grow. 


Netflix+ Baby+Breastpump: What I'm Watching

    Binge watching now:   

Notable Mentions From The Last Three Weeks:
If you haven't already, watch this.  Sci-fi isn't normally my thing, but each episode will either shock you
leave you thinking. (White Bear was amazing)

Has a good cast and story

Mystery/ Law and Order type show.

Five On Friday

{ONE} Making It To The Bus
Sophia made it on the school bus this morning! Morning win! With me getting up throughout the night I have had a hard time getting up early enough to get her on the bus. 

{TWO}My life right now:
Spending so much time feeding and pumping has also meant plenty of time to binge watch Netflix.

{THREE} Pregnancy Apps
I miss pregnancy apps! Anyone else look forward to seeing those change weekly? OK, sometimes I thought they were ridiculous (comparing the baby to asparagus), but I did like them. I used both The Bump and I'm Expecting.  I have moved onto to other apps, but I am overdue for removing the pregnancy apps.

{FOUR} Pinterest
I used to occasionally pin on pinterest. Things have changed. Sitting at the pump and being awake during the night has given me plenty of time to pin things I will probably never do.

{FIVE} Birth Annoucements
I still haven't ordered them. My goal is to do get them ordered by this weekend. Awful, right?

Have a great weekend!
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Crying Over Spilled Milk

Yesterday at two in the morning I had a melt down. The kind of meltdown only a mom trying to give her baby breast milk can understand.  I had a 2.5 ounce bottle of breast milk that leaked out the bottle all over the baby's sleeper.  It may not seem like much but when you struggle with milk supply it can be devastating. That 2.5 ounces took me an hour to pump. I didn't break down and sob. I think i was too tired. The tears came slowly. I felt defeated.

A Few Postpartum Thoughts

I am sitting in bed with the baby next to me sleeping. Netflix is streaming White Collar and I am hooked up to the breast pump. This set up isn't unusual for me. Gummi Bear turned 3 weeks old early this morning. The last 3 weeks have went by incredibly quickly. Here are a few thoughts:

1. Sleeping on my stomach is AMAZING....
I forgot how nice it feels to lay down on my stomach. At the hospital I stayed mostly reclined and when I first came home I set up a sleeping/nursing/pumping spot on the reclining portion of the sectional. I moved back to the bed and it feels so nice laying on my stomach. 

2. ...when I get to sleep. 

3. Hello Caffeine! It's nice to see you again!

Ok, I didn't give caffeine up cold turkey, but I cut back A LOT when I was pregnant. It's nice to not feel as restricted. 

Looking Back @ 2014

2014 was kind of a big deal at our house.

1. My diploma for my masters degree arrived and 6 months later so did the student loan debt.

2. Sophia finished preschool (She was a veteran--attended 3 years).

3.We found out we were expecting.

4. We moved to a bigger house.  
The bigger part = good. Moving & house= undecided.

5. Sophia started kindergarten.

6. We brought the new addition to our family, Little H, home on Christmas Eve. 

The list isn't long, but the impact was BIG. 

A Short Post From A Sleep Deprived Mommy

I had some very ambitious blogging plans for today, but considering I am sleep deprived I am giving myself permission to let them slide. 

I forgot how hard it is to take care of a newborn. It really is constant work. I was excited that today I managed to shower AND blow dry my hair. Of course it is totally worth it and it turns me into a sentimental mess. I keep thinking that it doesn't seem that long ago that Sophia was so small. Today Little H is already 2 weeks old! It feels like proof that time does go quickly. 

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

I disappeared from the blogging world for awhile (again). 
This time I had a VERY good reason.

We got the best Christmas present everWe brought Heidi home on Christmas Eve. She weighed 7lb0oz and was 19.5 inches long! 
I kept meaning to blog about it, but we got home on Christmas Eve and hosted Christmas for our parents the next day.  Since then I have been in a daze that is result of exhaustion and joy!