Labor Day Weekend

1.  The girls and I went to my moms Friday night. 
It stormed so bad on the way there that we had to pull over. 
There are trees there, but you can't see them at all.

2.  Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Reds game.
 It was Red Rookies day. The Reds Rookies Club is for babies and the Reds Heads Club is for kids. My mom got both girls memberships.  They had baby activities and a on-field baby parade. 
Little H also got a certificate for it being her first baseball game. 
Oh yea, it was so freakin' hot. Like, no joke, 100 degrees. 
I'm going to to toot my own horn: I made Little H and Sophia matching hair bows.

Sophie walking in the parade.

3. Sunday we mostly stayed at my mom's, but later in the day we went out for shopping. 
Sophia got a haircut. She LOVED it. It wasn't her first, but it took some convincing to get her to do it.

Monday we headed home. 
It was rough. Sophie handles the 3.5 hour drive well, but Heidi cried a lot of it. 

5 on Friday 7.17.2015

Little H had her 6 month check-up on Thursday.Well, more like an almost 7 month check-up. Weight: 17.5 lbs  Length: 25.5 inches

She had to get three vaccines and take an oral vaccine. I'm sure all the moms reading this know that awful feeling you get as it's happening. 


School starts in just a little over three weeks here. Doesn't summer go fast? We are still waiting on the letter and supply list, but I am already looking for good deals. 


See that mess? That is exactly what our kitchen table looks like right now. I have to catch up on scrapbooking or just start pitching stuff. I still have stuff to scrapbook from Sophia's years ago.

See below? It's a milestone no one mentions. Going shopping with no carrier. Yes.


3 on Monday...

So, last Friday I tried to do a "5" post, but getting photos to load was INSANE. So I stopped at 3 and just saved it. Well, I decided to post it anyway. Seriously some random stuff, but here it goes:

1. Little H. vs. Green  Beans
She makes some super funny ( and cute) faces every time she eats, but green beans were a whole other story! She gagged, did a little shiver and would push the spoon away.

2. Burt Shavitz died.
Don't know who this is?  Well, I bet you do. It's the "Burt" behind Burt's Bees. I'm sure plenty of you would recognize his face from the products. He seemed to be a creative, down to earth person that was also introverted. And I have a special place in my heart for introverts.

3. Blog Lovin'
OK, I'm light years behind. I finally downloaded the Blog Lovin' app. Love it. I also added a button on my blog. Yep. Go. Follow me now.

Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie,
You are 7 years old now! It is hard to believe how fast you have grown. Ever since you turned 5 I have said that you are no longer a baby, but a real kid. This year it is even more evident than ever. You are spirited, smart and love to be around people. 
It doesn't feel like it has been 7 years since I first met you. 

You got a 4-wheeler for your birthday. I think
I am going to get grey hair.
Starting and finishing kindergarten this past year was a breeze for you. I NEVER take for granted how much you like going to school. I hope that you continue to enjoy it and make wonderful memories with lots of good friends.

While you were 6 you:
  • Started t-ball
  • Took swim lessons that included diving off a diving board (we now know you are really scared of diving)
  • Took dance lessons and performed in a recital
  • Started kindergarten and loved it!
  • Became a big sister 
  • Moved into a new house
That's a lot of big stuff. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you do this year. 
I love you lots!

June 18, 2015

Easter 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I know we did. I cooked breakfast, then we put eggs out for Sophia to hunt and gave the girls their baskets. Later we met my family at Texas Roadhouse for lunch and a trip to the arcade where we played games.Sophia and my sister also played put-put and rode go carts. 
I was so excited to get to make 2 matching baskets this year! Of course they were filled with different goodies,
but I LOVED seeing them next to each other. 

New bunny ears and glasses.

Sophia read Little H's Easter book to her.

Sitting on the table @ Texas Roadhouse

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter and weekend!

5 on Friday--April 3rd, 2015


Anyone get the Birthday Cake Frap from Starbucks?
 It wasn't amazing, but it was something different. 

Sophia had beach day at school. 
Check out that hair clip---it was mine when I was little. 
A little early 90's throwback.

Just a little collage of past Easters. 

Okay, #4 is the same as #3, but I felt like it deserved it's own number.


Our Stroller: Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller

Little H is all cozy on our walk. 
I have to tell ya, I LOVE our stroller. We got the Graco Modes Travel System. It came to around $200 after we used a coupon from the Babies'R'Us trade-in event. I knew I wanted it after looking at tons of pregnancy mags in the OB office. Any other women leave there OB appointments with a shopping list? Those magazines are basically giant wish lists! 

There are so many strollers and so many of them are EXPENSIVE. I knew Graco would be reasonably priced and good quality. Sophia's first stroller had been awful and we didn't keep it long at all. This time I wanted one that would last. When it comes to strollers you have to do your research and know what you want. 

I knew I would love having 10 different options for how to use the stroller. 
Look below or check it out here

I love the rear-facing infant stroller option. That's how she is in the picture. The seat is very light weight so there is no problem flipping it around. The basket at the bottom is roomy and there are 4 cup holders. I love that it is gender neutral and the black will help keep it looking clean. AND it survived me pulling it out of the truck and dropping it to the ground. That's a nice feature too. :) 

Ok, I am going to stop. I think it is clear that I like the stroller. Any one else get the Graco Modes? Any pregnant momma's got a stroller on their wish list already ?

Thanks for reading!

3 Months Old

                                                                                                           Dear Little One, 

You are three months old! It seems amazing to me that you have grown so much and can do so much more already. Last month you could only coo a little and smiling was surprise. Now it seems that your little coos are full conversations and I have figured out plenty of ways to get you to smile! You are beginning to realize you can use your hands to grab things. You grab onto the toys hanging from the floor mat.  You still wake up about 3 times a night and drink 3-4 ounces.
I love it when you rest your head on my shoulder and the look on your face when I first pick you up in the morning. I love you so much!
March 22, 2015

Five on Friday 3.13.15


The first part of my five on friday is my birth annoucements for Little H.  Four through five are baby products we are using the time around.  I wrote a bit about the car seat.
Hopefully over the next few weeks I can fill you in on some pros/cons of others. 

 {One} Birth Announcements!
My pictures don't doesn't do the card justice, but here it is:

{Two}  Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller
I have only gotten to use it once, but so far I love it.  With the great weather we are supposed to have today and this week, hopefully it will get used more. 

{Three} Happy Wrap: Bamboo Baby Wrap
This is the wrap I use. 

{Four}  Inertia Infant Car Seat by Baby Trend

This car seat is kinda big, but I love how cozy Little H looks in it. With Sophia I had to one of those cushion head inserts in her car seat, but I have never felt she needed one in this seat. The canopy is big and it has one of the covers that comes over the baby's legs.

{Five} Medela Pump In Style Advanced

February 2015

 I just typed out a big post and thought it saved/published. Nope.  So here it goes again.

 It's late, but here is a few pics from February. 
Is it wrong that I think the crying pic is adorable?
She is expressing how so many people feel about Valentine's Day.
Sophia went to a high school cheer clinic and cheered at a game. 

  • Little H turned 2 months old! She has started cooing and smiling!
  • We went to Science Central.
  • Little H went to my hometown and visited for the first time. 
  • Sophia lost her first tooth!
  • I read a few books:   


Five on Friday : 2.13.2015

I finally picked and ordered birth announcements.  I am more than a little late, but I am trying to be happy that I did it before she was starting kindergarten. I choose these. There were so many places to order from and then so many card options. Shutterfly lured me with their sale. I can't wait to see how they turned out. 

 This little one turned one month old at the end of last month. 

Sophia lost her first tooth on January 31st. 
It has literally been a day I have dreaded for about the last year. I was sure it was going to be super disgusting, but it wasn't as bad as I thought.  The tooth fairy left her $2.00. Her granny and great granny both gave her some money too. 
Sophia's thoughts about the tooth fairy:

Mom, the tooth fairy must have a night job. I always thought she was a morning worker.
(after waking up very early, like 4AM, to get her tooth fairy money)

Is the napkin in the trashcan? I left the toothfairy a note telling her to put the napkin in the kitchen trash if it was too big for her to carry.
(She wrapped her tooth up in a napkin because it was so small.)

Mommas, read this. 

This list made me laugh. I have totally felt judged for a few things on this list. Now that I'm baby #2 and older, well, I don't care as much about the mommy shaming. 

Sleep. The last few nights I have slept 4 hours straight each night. Without that, this blog post wouldn't exist.